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    Colour perception in medical

    Hiya lads hope you're all doing well during lockdown 2, got a tricky one for you lot. I've got my date set for 1st March as Warfare Specialist, everything's sorted and I had my face to face medical yesterday, passed everything but then the bloke shown me the dreaded ishihara test and only just...
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    Royal Fleet auxillary Medical exam

    Hi, about half a year ago i applied for the british army, had my medical exam and was barred due to the fact i have familial hypercholesterolemia. i understand the RFA have different guidelines for medical exams. i was wondering that even though i have familial hypercholesterolemia and have to...
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    Barbed wire scars

    When I was about twelve I tried to climb over a barbed wire fence and ended up hurting myself (obviously) the scars have mostly faded by I have a huge one on my thigh and another on my upper arm that's raised an purple. I never went to hospital for them because my mum said that they would heal...
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    hi there, 2 years ago I applied for the Royal Navy and failed my medical on grounds that I had treatment for acne. if I remember correctly the doctor told me I could re apply in 3 years. however ive just today been to my local AFCO and they told me 3/6 months and to re apply now so I dont have...
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    Waiting to hear back from capita - anyone else?

    Hi - just seeing if this is normal wait time. My 16 yr old son had his telephone call from the triage nurse from capita one month ago and he thinks she told him that he would get an email asking him to go for a medical within a couple of weeks as the only thing on his questionnaire was a...
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    Royal Navy Medical - Peptic Ulcers

    Not sure if anything similar to this has been posted elsewhere but I couldn't see anything and I've had a good look. Long story short, I have recently been at the hospital and through a camera test as I was getting an upset stomach often, been told I had a few peptic ulcers inside me. It was...