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medical discharge

  1. S

    Sleepwalking Discharge - can I get more money?

    Hi shipmates, so I'm being discharged next Tuesday (9th February) via medical board. I know this as had a board in October, and was advised by the board president that "no one is retained in the navy if they sleep walk" so, I was given 3 months to get my affairs (resettlement) prior to another...
  2. T

    Eczema from 2017

    In 2019 I applied for the navy but was rejected because I had eczema in 2017. I am now reapplying; the eczema was brought up by my career advisor. My question is: is the deferral for eczema 3 or 5 years? Because there is conflicting information online. I haven't had eczema since 2017 and I don't...
  3. E

    Anxiety and discharge

    My fiance has been having panic attacks, none have happened at work to my knowledge. He's just been promoted to leading hand, family life is good. There is nothing that's actually wrong. But he has trouble sleeping, random crying spells and panic attacks, although months apart they are a...
  4. C

    PhD project interviewing veterans about life after injury

    Hello all. Posting this (with Bad CO’s approval) about my PhD project researching life after an injury. I am currently recruiting veterans to interview who experienced a traumatic injury, which has led to separation from the Armed Forces/active duty. My definition of traumatic injury is: limb...
  5. S

    Medical board chances of being discharged after just having an op

    Basically the navy have taken 1 year to et me the surgery I need on my ankle (due to destroying ligaments whilst playing football for ship) and i finnaly have my op in January but I'm being referred to Medical board in February time. What's the chances of me staying becuase I have only been in 3...
  6. Redderz

    Re-joining after MD

    Hey, I joined in early July 2014 and I was a part of the first Hanson Division lot. I was stonehoused on my 3rd week for damage to shins. I was in stonehouse for near enough 5 months but managed to get put back into divisions. I got to the end of week 9 in a new div and I had to leave for...