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medical assistant

  1. Lanarkshire_medic

    Joining Questions....MA (SM)

    Good Evening, Looking for some up to date Information (2019/2020) re: I am looking to apply for medical assistant (SM); 1. Do you know how long the waiting list is/vacancies? Interested in the bombers. 2. Would I have to do the full trade training? Currently a Qualified EMT with the...
  2. I

    MA - GS OR Submariner ??

    Hello , I wanted to know what some of the experienced persons here thought about pros/cons of either MA GS or MA Submariner. Firstly , I am only at the stage of having just passed my RT today . Now awaiting eye test ready to send my medical papers back . I am 24yoa, currently employed in the...
  3. B

    Non-epileptic seizures

    Hi there, I’ve recently turned 18 and was very interested in joining the navy spent 7 years as a cadet at Sea Cadet Corps, However at the age of 13 I had a series of ‘seizures’ no tests have positive results for epilepsy, and they couldn’t find the cause but they’ve stopped around 5 years ago...
  4. H

    Medical assistant waiting Times

    Hi there, I'm considering joining as an Medical assistant was just wondering how Long from the application submission date until I would reach Raleigh? Many thanks
  5. T

    Joining as an MA

    Hi, I am currently waiting for my start date to join as an MA. Just wondering if anyone has any useful information or tips for Raleigh and MA training in general? Also, what's the best way to increase the probability that i can get on a ship and not in a hospital? Thanks
  6. S

    MA General service, waiting to start

    Does anybody have anyidea how long the current wait is for an MA to start training, I completed the process in August 2015 (fitness test etc) and have had no news apart from May 2016 is very optimistic Thanks