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medical appeal.

  1. C

    Potential PMU

    ** Moved to another thread **
  2. B

    Permantly Medically Unfit

    Hi I need some advice I had Keyhole surgery on my hip form a ligament tear that i sustained in the Army back in 09/10 it is now 8 years since I was giving the all clear from my GP for recovery and I recently applied to the RN about a month ago when it was deemed last year I was PMU yet I was...
  3. H

    Eyesight after acceptance

    Hi all, I have a place at Dartmouth in the coming months as a pilot, I have passsed everything and am absolutely over the moon about it. However in my eye tests I passed the required standards by the skin of my teeth. I am now slightly worried that a year or two into my training I will be...
  4. F

    Slight Hearing problem - Medical Assesment

    Okay so I have a slight hearing loss in my left ear, but like it doesn’t effect me in any way and people don’t even realise till I tell all roles in the navy have the same hearing standards? I wanna be a Weapons engineer and I dunno if they have the same Standards as the rest I don’t...
  5. I

    PMU appeal

    Hi, I just got off the phone with capita and the nurse said I am PMU but said I should appeal. She said the reason was because I've had low mood in the last few years and have self harmed more than twice in the past. The nurse recommended I appeal but I want to know if there's a chance because I...
  6. J

    Help with Medical and thoughts

    Hello, I have recently completed the Psychometric Tests and I am now in the process of completing a medical questionnaire as well as preparing for the interview. I am going in as a rating hopefully but have noticed that the questionnaire talks about people diagnosed with low mood may be...
  7. ws1602

    Trying to join - fight against the medical

    Hello, So I went through the application process last year and I was told that I couldn't join (medically unfit) due to having "eczema". I was told that after 3 years of being clear I could try and apply again. So I emailed the AFCO to see when I could start again as it will be 3 years next...
  8. YorkieSpecs

    Nut allergy appeal

    Okay, new to this forum so first off hi all. I just had my Triage Nurse call earlier today and went through all the questions fine. But I declared I had a mild nut allergy (It's that mild I don't need an epi-pen). The nurse over the phone said that I can't be passed onto the next stage yet...
  9. W

    Medical Appeal advice.

    Hi everyone, I have had my Medical today. Due to having piles two months ago I'm placed as PMU. The rest of the medical worked fine, in fact I would have passed if it wasn't for this issue. I had piles a couple of years back and this was a factor in the decision. When i get the letter I know...