medical appeal

  1. Lewys2003

    Contacting RNMS

    Hey everyone, I was hoping to find out if there's any way to contact the Royal Navy Medical Service via Email or Phone. I'm trying to go higher up with my medical appeal rather than be told "They don't advice it". Just for reference, I was told I couldn't pursue the Officer Observer role as...
  2. S

    wrongly medically unfit

    I was charged as medically unfit due to calcium deposits, found in y kidneys back in 2011, I have recently been to the hospital and had a check up to prove that this information was obsolete, according the my medical results and my GP I am both physically and mentally healthy enough to join the...
  3. SeaNymph


  4. R

    Medical depression

    Hi all, new here. looking for some clarification and advice on the medical side of things if anyone can be off assistance. I have carefully looked over both the online medical eligibility form and also the capita medical questionnaire Hoping to join RNR but also expecting the strong...
  5. J

    Medical question capita heart condition

    Sorry probably lots of these type of posts. I have sent my questionnaire of to capita, the only condition I have is a hole in my heart (VSD), this does not affect me in anyway and I have to go for a check up every 3 years, the hole in my heart is so small that it isn’t necessary to have surgery...
  6. S

    Postpone medical appeal

    Hi everyone so I have a bit of a problem and I'm needing some advice last year around December I had unfortunately failed my medical triage call I was given the option of appealing it given the fact I am able to gather all relevant information together which had been in the current process of...
  7. T

    Eczema from 2017

    In 2019 I applied for the navy but was rejected because I had eczema in 2017. I am now reapplying; the eczema was brought up by my career advisor. My question is: is the deferral for eczema 3 or 5 years? Because there is conflicting information online. I haven't had eczema since 2017 and I don't...
  8. R


    Hi I’m currently going through my recruitment phase, just received my triage call this morning, due to a broken hand ( no surgery needed) back in 2015 and asthma up until the age of 3/4 I’ve been made TMU, is this anything to worry about whilst Capita get in touch with my GP?
  9. jsdoddy

    RN Medical - “Permanently Medically Unfit”

    Hi, I recently had the results back for my medical and have been declared PMU after they referred it to a senior Doctor. I wasn't actually assessed due to Covid-19, they are just going off my questionnaire and medical history in which I have a scaphoid fracture 4 years ago. They are saying...
  10. U

    Spinal Fracture, functionally insignificant?

    Hi everyone In the past I have suffered a couple spinal fractures, spinous process and a small compression. These were very stable and healed quickly with no pain and no lasting effects years later. I believe that any spinal fracture is an automatic bar to entry but after reading jsp950 677...
  11. W

    Failed Medical- Eczema

    Hello, I recently had a medical review whereby I was deemed 'medically unfit' by Capita. The reason being was down to 'eczema on hands'. Seven months ago, I had an isolated incident of a small dry patch approximately the size of a 5 pence coin on my left hand, more specifically, in the area...
  12. K

    Deemed PMU, advice?

    Hello, Just been hit with the unfortunate news that I've been deemed PMU by Capita. The situation essentially goes that I had one bout of mild dermatitis (eczema) almost 8 years ago, all I was given was some aqueous cream (basically moisturiser) and told that it should dissipate soon. It was...
  13. N

    Success stories after an appeal

    Hello I am wondering if anyone could share any light on if they have had previous medical history of anxiety and they have won their appeal based on the decision to be made TMU? I am awaiting to hear back on my Medical reports and just wanted to prepare myself for the outcome and the % of...
  14. S

    Medical appeal

    Hi just a quick one, dont know if it has already been asked or that but i had sent in my medical appeal on the 12th march 2020 and then obciously we went into lock down a couple weeks after that, i was wondering if anyone knows if the appeals are back up and getting processed or anything like...
  15. J

    Royal Navy appeal

    Hi all, Apologies in advanced for any grammatical or spelling mistakes/errors and I understand this will be a rather long and complicated read.. So, about a month ago I had my Triage medical phone call for the Royal Navy and they TMU'd me at first for a history of food allergies. I was...
  16. S

    Good for appeal?

    I was recently declared PMU from the RN because they saw a referral to a clinic for anaphylaxis. I know this isn't the case, and got a copy of the referral as well as a GP letter saying he doesn't believe it to be anaphylaxis. I know each appeal case is different, but does anyone where know if...
  17. U

    Medical appeal for Hyperlipdemia

    I failed my medical because I have hereditary Hyperlipdemia. I take daily prescribed medication to control the condition. Is it advisable that I appeal this decision? Or does the fact I have been diagnosed override the appeal? (regardless of: severity of condition, that it is under control...