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  1. K

    Healthy 22 Y/O Male - Peak Flow Score of 500-510 - Concern?

    Hey everyone, So I ended up passing the paperwork side of the medical and I went for my face-to-face medical the other day. That went excellently and the doctor said I had no problems... and then handed me a peak flow meter and told me to fill it in for a week. Note I've had no problems with...
  2. K

    Applying for RMO Role - Made TMU - How Strong is my Case?

    First time posting here as the Royal Marines own forums appears to be shutting down. I am applying for the role of Royal Marine officer. I passed my initial interview and sent off my paperwork to Capita. I would be grateful to have some feedback. on the strengths of my case (I understand...
  3. M


    Hi,wondering if anyone had any advise on what I should do with regards to my face to face medical, I’ve got a start date of may 31st but still haven’t heard anything about my face to face,I had my triage call in November but since then haven’t heard anything. Ive asked my careers advisor and he...