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  1. M

    Deferring my entry?

    I'm about halfway through the joining process for the engineer apprentice (just done my psychometric test and I am awaiting the results) but I had to have a knee arthroscopy to repair some cartilage that was causing my knee to lock. I won't be fully recovered until October so would I be able to...
  2. royal_dreams12

    Turning up to AFCO uninvited

    Hello all, My first post, so apologies if I haven't followed the correct etiquette for posting! Just wanted to know if it is possible to turn up to my local AFCO without having an appointment? On the RN website, it does say no appointment is needed for my AFCO, but I'm slightly skeptical of...
  3. J

    Temporarily Medically Unfit. Help!

    Hello, I have applied to join the Royal Navy as an Air crewman. All was going well until today when i had my medical with CAPITA. The doctor has indicated I may have a heart murmur. This is the first time this has come up in my life, I had never been told this before. I have an appointment with...
  4. F

    Failed medical and Appeal.

    hi, I’m a 18 year old female who is looking to join the Navy as a Marine Engineering Technician. I’ve reached the stage of the triage nurse phone call, the start went brilliant although then went downhill. I had been open on past self harm on my medical forms although I had only done this once...
  5. J

    Knee injury

    Hi About 7 years ago I fractured my knee it was operated on using wire. I have had no problem since and have been playing rugby and other sports for 7 years after it. I can move it as normal and have had no problems in the 7 years. I recently had my medical and was referred to an orthapedic...
  6. Jakeo

    Medical and capita

    right hi guys, I'm having a real issue with the medical stage at the moment especially as it seems that capita seem to take so long to do anything. I was declared TMU and they had to write to my GP (the reason was varicose veins). Currently been waiting around three months for them to actually...
  7. S

    Muscle imbalance medical help

    Hi guys/ girls. Completely new here and after any advice you can offer on my current situation. I'll try and briefly explain where I'm at. I started weight lifting for size about 18 months ago now. I was a completely new to it and at the time the advice and help I got at the gym was limited...