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may 2020

  1. G

    BRNC May 2020

    I’m trying to get in for the May intake for the fleet air arm. Has anyone heard yet?I ask because FAA candidates seem to find out 3 months before the joining date, and I haven’t heard anything from my ACLO
  2. N

    Waiting times 2020 for a chef

    Hey guys bit new to the website but just asking if anybody on here is aware of the waiting list for a chef, currently 17 have run time down to 9.30 so fit enough at the moment but hope to apply in May, if anyone could tell me how long it would be until I would start phase 1 at Raleigh if I start...
  3. P

    25th may 2020 intake

    Does anyone else have the intake day for hms raliegh on the 25th may 2020?