1. B

    What happens after phase 2 training, when can you get ?

    I would like to know what happens after phase 2 training; 1. Can you get the chance to marry immediately after phase 2 training? 2. When can you get a married quarter? 3. How long will you be spending away from home and how often will you be home? 4. Which roles are mostly offshore? 5. When can...
  2. S

    Marriage quarters

    I’m currently onboard a ship in Portsmouth and I’m looking to get a Marriage quarter but is it possible if I could have one outside my base port? Since I’m based in Portsmouth I’m looking to get a quarter in Yeovil, is this allowed? Thanks
  3. 3


    Hi there, my fiancee has just started his phase 1 training and we have had our wedding date all booked and paid for for almost a year which is on a weekend just before he is due to finish training. I just wanted to make sure he can come home for this as his AFCO said he was 100% sure he could...
  4. N

    Joining while married to a Russian

    Sorry if this is the wrong place for this thread. I'm currently applying to be a pilot, application is going fine but I'm worried about a more personal matter. I've been with my girlfriend (who is Russian) for almost 3 years and am thinking about marriage. The question isn't about whether I...
  5. Mitchell1995

    Marriage in the navy.

    Hi everyone. I'm sorry in advance if my questions have already been answered else where, although I have been looking for days for my answer and no luck! Anyway, I have just signed up to the navy as a weapons engineer CIS. My wife is being very supportive as always, I have two...