1. Kirkmania

    Commando - On The Front Line (2007) TV Series

    Royal Marine TV Series Commando - On The Front Line (2007) TV Series. This hard hitting series follows the Royal Marine recruits from day one of training, through 32 weeks of the longest and hardest military training in the world and then to the front line in Afghanistan. Chris Terrill embarks...
  2. Kirkmania

    Royal Marine Commando School (2014) TV Series

    Royal Marine Commando School (2014) TV Series. This documentary series has unprecedented behind the scenes access to The Royal Marines Training Programme, the toughest basic training of any Armed Forces, in the world. They have 32 weeks to turn raw recruits into the best soldiers in the world...
  3. N

    Any Accelerated Apprenticeship Scheme: Marine Engineers here?

    Dear Navy Net, I am applying for the above role, are there any people already doing it that are willing to answer questions about it. E.g. Where does the training start e.g. HMS Raleigh for 10 Wks, then for the next section where? What does an AAS Marine Engineer Do? E.g. Works on a ships...
  4. Impact

    My Joining Process (Step-By-Step)

    This is just my personal experience, and will be updated as I progress throughout my career as a potential Warfare Specialist - this is to give you an idea of timescales and other waiting times that you may experience during your application. Firstly, about me - I'm a 16 year old male in good...
  5. R

    Army Sgt Vehicle Mechanic (REME) transfer to Royal Navy ME

    Hi guys, I am looking for some info on transferring to Royal Navy ME. I am already a SGT Vehicle Mechanic (REME) in the Army and i am thinking about transferring to Royal Navy ME. I think my time as a Vehicle Mechanic has run its course and wouldn't mind a new challenge still within the...