marine engineering

  1. S

    Accelerated apprenticeship submariner

    Hello I’ve seen various different pipelines for accelerated apprenticeships submariner candidates First one being… 10 weeks Raleigh Then trade training at Sultan Smq dry - streamed into wesm or mesm Smq wet But I’ve seen on certain jsp documents that the scheme follows that the same of the...
  2. S

    Marine technician or supply chain

    Hi, I have got a confusion in deciding my career role wheather to join Navy supply chain or marine engineering technician. I have interview next week. I really like to know the work nature of the job. I prefer joining as technician but afraid that would have to spend lot of time on sea. I am ok...
  3. N


    Hi chaps, im about to qualify as a sparky after doing my 3 year apprenticeship with an electrical contractor, looking to join the RN by going in the AAS, the last 3 years at work ive pretty much not done any electrical work, ive been passing tools and watching my boss, apart from when ive been...
  4. E

    AA ET/ME Recruitment chances

    Hi all, I am just a little concerned about my position/chances of getting the position of AA ET/ME. I have successfully completed all of the stages of the recruitment process (many thanks to the people on this forum) and my AFCO has bid for my date. He told me that there are only 24 slots...
  5. D

    Marine Engineer Specialisation

    Hi all, I have a fair idea of the training pipeline for a marine engineer (submariner) up to the point of the first competent job, but from there everything becomes a little obscure. What scope is there for 'specialisation'? Do each of the engineers train to become specialists in a particular...
  6. L

    apprenticeship resaerch

    hello all I am joining up as a marine engineer on the accelerated apprenticeship (marine engineering) I was wondering what I should research for the apprentiship and where can I go to find this information stuff like ship engines, engineering properties ect thanks
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Introduction: RN Submariner - Undergraduate Apprenticeship Scheme (UGAS)

    UPDATED 06/08/2018 The first iteration of the Royal Navy Undergraduate Apprenticeship Scheme (UGAS) for ET(MESM) was introduced in 2015. The scheme was then expanded to include ET(WESM)specialisations. A single application was then introduced to replace separate MESM/WESM options with UGAS...