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  1. S

    Thinking of leaving Navy

    Hi, I served in the Navy as an ETME for 3 years now. I got a degree in electrical engineering and master’s in management before joining Navy. I was supposed to join as an Officer but couldn’t due to waiting time and other limitations when I made my application. I was very focused on joining and...
  2. S

    Accelerated apprenticeship submariner

    Hello I’ve seen various different pipelines for accelerated apprenticeships submariner candidates First one being… 10 weeks Raleigh Then trade training at Sultan Smq dry - streamed into wesm or mesm Smq wet But I’ve seen on certain jsp documents that the scheme follows that the same of the...
  3. R

    Royal Navy Engineering Advice

    Hello, I am currently in the midst of my application towards becoming a Royal Navy Engineer, however, I am still unsure about which type of engineering I want to do. The three types available are Marine, Weapons and Aircraft. I'm ideally looking for any advice which can help me answer the...
  4. J

    Joining as marine engineer at 16

    Hello everyone, I’ve just recently passed my recruit test and was told that with my score the best option you can go for is a marine engineer. I just wanted to ask if there is any marine engineers here who can tell about what life is like as a marine engineer? I understand it will be hard and I...
  5. E

    The big wait

    Currently waiting on my start date, as far as I am aware the intake for AA ET/ME should be around October/November (I could be wrong). My fitness is decent and fairly clued up on my technical knowledge; just wondering if there's anything that I should perhaps brush up on or practice before...
  6. S

    Joining navy

    Hi, I am interested in joining navy and thats my only option. I have concern about work nature. How long will I be at sea? Just to plan my family life as i am married. I am planning to join as a marine engineer technician and is it possible for my wife to stay together if i have on shore work...
  7. N


    Hi chaps, im about to qualify as a sparky after doing my 3 year apprenticeship with an electrical contractor, looking to join the RN by going in the AAS, the last 3 years at work ive pretty much not done any electrical work, ive been passing tools and watching my boss, apart from when ive been...
  8. R

    What Qualifications do you gain as an Marine Engineering Technician in the Royal Navy?

    Hi guys and girls, as my recent thread states, I’ve had a bit of trouble with getting my mum on board with me wanting to join the Navy at 16. She seems to be a lot more open to me joining now but she still isn’t fully on board yet. One major thing is HMS being so far away (another topic for...
  9. G

    Unsure about decision.

    Hello, I have completed my application for a Weapons engineering technician and after a 5 or so month wait from August finally got my PRNC and Raleigh date which is another 6 months wait, however I how since been browsing forums and talking to people I know have realised that weapons...
  10. D

    Marine Engineer Specialisation

    Hi all, I have a fair idea of the training pipeline for a marine engineer (submariner) up to the point of the first competent job, but from there everything becomes a little obscure. What scope is there for 'specialisation'? Do each of the engineers train to become specialists in a particular...
  11. J

    MCD or ME

    I'm currently a few months into my navy application as an MCD, I have passed my psych test, eye test & medical. I had my selection interview at my local AFCO yesterday morning with my careers adviser, he told me he would give me a 'partial pass' meaning he would not give me a date for my PJFT...
  12. L

    apprenticeship resaerch

    hello all I am joining up as a marine engineer on the accelerated apprenticeship (marine engineering) I was wondering what I should research for the apprentiship and where can I go to find this information stuff like ship engines, engineering properties ect thanks
  13. youngmarino

    So many questions...

    I have my PRNC next month where I will have a job specific interview aswell as the fitness tests. Im looking to join the UGAS scheme and my placement will depend on how well I do in the interview. I guess my questions are what should I expect? What is more favourable in the terms of WE ME? aft...
  14. M

    Can a stoker (marine engineering) do the AACC?

    Im soon to be starting training, however i am just wondering whether a Marine Engineer (rating) can comeplete the All Arms Commando Course (AACC)? Cheers
  15. tbfyb

    ME on a mine clearance ship

    just out of curiosity really, would a ME be drafted to a mine clearance ship like or do they need to do different training for different ship, I know it’s pretty much all the same but there must be mechanical differences between say a aircraft carrier and a mine sweeper
  16. N

    Any Accelerated Apprenticeship Scheme: Marine Engineers here?

    Dear Navy Net, I am applying for the above role, are there any people already doing it that are willing to answer questions about it. E.g. Where does the training start e.g. HMS Raleigh for 10 Wks, then for the next section where? What does an AAS Marine Engineer Do? E.g. Works on a ships...
  17. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Looking for engineers at all levels (Leading Hands, POs & CPOs)

    Made in the Royal Navy, NOW you’re ready for Super Yachts! If you’re a marine engineer at any level looking for a highly rewarding, long-term career at sea with amazing benefits, we want to hear from you! We have marine engineer opportunities (all levels) to work on board Super Yachts worldwide...
  18. T

    UGAS Undergraduate Apprenticeship Scheme - Marine/Weapons Engineer Submariner (MESM/WESM)

    Hi, I have applied to join the Royal Navy on the UGAS submariner engineering scheme. So far, ive passed the recruit test, interview and telephone medical interview. Assuming I pass the in-person medical (fingers crossed!) and with my fitness not being a problem, my only concern is the...