1. N

    RFA Interview - Leading Hand Supply Chain

    Hi All I have an interview with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary in December for Leading Hand, Supply chain. i would be really grateful if someone could give me some advice regarding what I should be researching prior to interview and any useful information/tips. Thanks in advance.
  2. WelshJaffaCake


    I noticed this when I was bored looking through the RN website. http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/careers/role-finder/roles/rfasupplychain#trainings Seems like this is a new job or is it just old one re-branded?
  3. M

    Question Regarding Time Spent Ashore As a Submarine LO

    I'm currently considering a career as a logistics officer within the submarine service and while I did find some of the answers I was looking for, the question of how much time I will be spending ashore after training hasn't been answered... As a submarine LO, will I be serving onboard a...