logistics officer

  1. Mr boats

    A Levels or Equivalents

    I am wanting to join logistics as possibly an officer but I really don't want to stay and do A Levels at school could I do some college course equivalent. I am at GCSE stage and have decided that school isn't really for me.
  2. D

    Seamanship apprenticeship or Leading Hand Helicopter Controller?

    I'm currently looking at both these roles but I'm confused at to how I'd get to leading hand helicopter controller or supply chain when they require significant time at sea and extra quals, of which I don't have, as I've never served at sea would I have to do the seamanship apprenticeship to get...
  3. M

    Question Regarding Time Spent Ashore As a Submarine LO

    I'm currently considering a career as a logistics officer within the submarine service and while I did find some of the answers I was looking for, the question of how much time I will be spending ashore after training hasn't been answered... As a submarine LO, will I be serving onboard a...