1. Voodoo Science

    Life as a RMR

    Evening all, I was going to join RMR a 4 years ago alongside my job, as it was a childhood dream to be a regular (or a pilot, circumstances made it not so though). However, my misses wasn’t keen, so I deviated and compromised and became a retained firefighter instead for 3.5 years, which has...
  2. jsdoddy

    RNR - Work/Study/RNR Balance

    Hi, I have always wanted to join the Royal Navy and almost did back in 2016, however I broke my Scaphoid bone before my PRNC. Since, I have continued with life and my career etc. but still want to join at some point in my life. I have decided to apply for the RNR through the officer route due...
  3. V

    royal navy hydrographic meteorological and oceanographic officer

    Hello. I am seriously considering joining the navy as a meteorologist. I'll be 35 when I join, with a degree. Is there anyone out there who has experience in this role? Or can give me some information on what life is like in this position? Day to day life? What options are available? What is...