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leave dates

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    Training leave

    I’m scheduled to go to HMS Raleigh Oct 5th so will finish training and be back around Dec 14th. I will be at HMS Collingwood for my training. Is there set dates of leave for recruits doing their role-specific training? If so what are those dates? I imagine they would be for xmas, easter and...
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    Break after 10 week at Raleigh

    Hi guys. My boyfriend is due to start his 10 week training start of March and I am just wondering if he gets any time off after his 10 week at Raleigh . He gets two week off in April for Easter and unsure if this will affect any time he may get off after? Thank you.
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    Summer leave- faslane 2018 HMS CLYDE

    Does anyone know the summer leave dates for faslane HMS Clyde 2018? Cant find it anywhere? Thanks