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  1. janner

    Voices from Jutland……A Centernery Commemoration….Author...Jim Crossley.

    I haven’t read much about Jutland previously, my main focus being World War 2 and forward mainly on the Royal Navy Submarine Service so this was quite a departure.A fairly slim volume packed with facts and figures with some very useful appendix showing charts at various times of the Battle...
  2. Seaweed

    The Jutland Scandal by Admirals Harper and Bacon

    Introduced and explained by John Grehan, this is a reprint of two books, now gathered into in one volume:1. ‘The Truth about Jutland’, by Rear Admiral JET Harper, 1927 (90pp) and2. ‘The Jutland Scandal’ by Admiral Sir Reginald Bacon, 1933 (145pp).Harper, then a Captain, was tasked in 1919...
  3. Seaweed

    Jutland - the Unfinished Battle by Nicholas Jellicoe

    The author is the grandson of the victor of Jutland. He is the projector of the Jutland Centenary website and has put a huge amount of work into the Centenary including this book, although he is neither a professional historian nor author, which means he deserves...
  4. Seaweed

    Jutland, the Naval Staff Appreciation ed. William Schliehauf

    The first official account of Jutland was prepared by Captain JET Harper in 1919. This was suppressed by Beatty following Harper’s objections to Beatty’s requirement for self-serving alterations. In November 1920 a new official Admiralty ‘Appreciation’ was commissioned from Captain Kenneth Dewar...