1. Impact

    My Joining Process (Step-By-Step)

    This is just my personal experience, and will be updated as I progress throughout my career as a potential Warfare Specialist - this is to give you an idea of timescales and other waiting times that you may experience during your application. Firstly, about me - I'm a 16 year old male in good...
  2. F


    Hi! I'm new here, but just wanted a little advice on potential roles. I initially applied to be a Biomed student, and passed the RT for it, however the University declined my entry, so I'm stuck between choosing another role. I'm pretty interested in MT or CT, and passed for MT but not for CT...
  3. L

    Police Involvement questions during interview

    I've got my interview coming up soon and heard that while you don't have to disclose any spent convictions you do have to mention any police involvement (ie being questioned/arrested etc), anyone had any involvement in this? I thought if a conviction was spent you didn't have to mention it at...
  4. tbfyb

    question about my medical

    I've just been given the date for my interview and a lot of sheets to fill.I've been given mixed messages about my medical though. do I go to my GP and have it done or do I wait until after my interview? I have a sheet that looks like it should be filled out by a doctor which has 2 boxes at the...
  5. Donatello

    Joining after leaving RM recruit training

    Hi, I'm currently awaiting a decision from my AFCO on weather or not I am eligible to join the Navy after leaving RM recruit training last year. I've spoke to my AFCO and they are waiting for word from Portsmouth on my eligibility. I was just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation...
  6. L

    Too old?

    Hi all. So I'm currently in the process of joining the Royal Navy as an AET but the last few weeks I've started to think maybe I missed the boat. I'll be 29 when/if I join. I know it's not too old by Navy requirements, I'm just thinking it's too old in a socially acceptable way. Any opinions?
  7. baldie

    Hydographic Office Visit?

    I recently failed my FATs to become a Pilot. My second choice has always been becoming a Hydrographic Officer but I would like to see what the day to day work is like before signing up. Does anyone know if there is a chance to visit the Hydrographic Office for a couple of days to see/if anyone...
  8. G

    Medical Question

    Hey all, I just had my medical exam the other day - a potential hickup I was hoping someone might be able to give me advice on. When they were checking my blood pressure it was unusually high. It's happened in the past that when I'm actually being tested it shoots up, whereas normally it's very...
  9. Antonio555

    Interview - and school suspensions

    Hi all, I have my interview in a few weeks time and one thing quite worrying me. I understand within the questions about education they ask if you got in any trouble at school? I did get suspended whilst at school when I was 13 and once at 14 years old I think for silly fights I had with my...
  10. T

    Joining the Royal Marines

    How long does the process take? - are there a certain number of intakes a year?
  11. J


    Hi there, Looking for some information regarding training for then Aircraft Engineering Technician role. I am curious as to where the training takes place and where you are based after, as I am from Scotland. Many thanks.
  12. N

    Options for a 33 year old...

    Before I get blasted - I know there are other guys who have posted the 'old man/too old' type threads but here are my questions (which I haven't been able to ascertain the answer to on the forum so far): I'm 32 (about to turn 33 in a week), a male, in decent fitness, currently a lawyer (boo...
  13. C

    Burning Conflict of Uncertainty... Seaman Specialist or Weapons Engineer...

    Navy-Net Users, I have a burning conflict of uncertainty (well burning to me anyway's) regarding the route to take following completion/pass of my recent RT. In the CA's word's "I smashed it" which he explained has opened the door to pretty much whatever Branch I would like to go for... with...
  14. S

    Just another stupid question about drug convictions

    Hello my dearest of friends I'm a British/Norwegian chap whose absolute dream in life is to join the RMC. Unfortunately, I made the idiotic mistake to use cocaine on my 24th birthday party in Norway (where I live) 2 years ago. Police showed up and I was taken to the station for a urine test...
  15. BoatyMcBoatFace

    WS - what do they do?

    Hello all, Hope I haven't posted in the wrong section! I'm highly interested in joining the Navy as a Warfare Specialist. The reason for this choice is because I'm especially interested in using the Gimpy's and mini guns. Am I wrong in thinking it's a WS that does this? I've read through...
  16. J

    Royal Navy Engineering Opportunities

    Hi, Was wondering what was the best trade for Welding/Fabrication? I've looked at some and the only one I can find that involves it is Submarine Engineering, would this be the best option to go for if I wanted to go in to weld? I understand that i will be doing others engineering duties also...
  17. J

    Chances of becoming lightning II pilot?

    Hello i am 15 and considering becoming a fleet air arm pilot as a potential career. With the joint strike fighter coming into service in 2018, i was wondering whether the time period in which i join matters, or whether it is inconsequential
  18. J

    Pilot: How are you streamed into fast jet or rotary when going through training?

    Hey i'm looking to join the rn as an aircrew officer pilot but am wondering how your are selected to go into either stream and what role you would be assigned if streamed into rotary (e.g. ASW, marine drops)
  19. Redderz

    Re-joining after MD

    Hey, I joined in early July 2014 and I was a part of the first Hanson Division lot. I was stonehoused on my 3rd week for damage to shins. I was in stonehouse for near enough 5 months but managed to get put back into divisions. I got to the end of week 9 in a new div and I had to leave for...
  20. R

    Any other CT's in waiting? Give me a message

    Had a look at joining dates forum and no CT's have said theyre in for March 2016 yet, anyone joining as CT? Gives a message. Redbull