joining the royal navy

  1. R

    Women in the RN/Career Dilemma

    Hi, I am a 23 years old woman and I have recently had my eyes opened to a career in the Royal Navy. My boyfriend just joined at a time where I am quite lost with regards to my own career direction. After hearing more about the lifestyle, the potential career progression and the opportunity to...
  2. L.L1878

    HMS RALEIGH 17th June

    Got me start date for Raleigh 17th June for WS Just lookin to see if thers anyone else on here who starts around that time, prnc 7th May aswell
  3. royal_dreams12

    Turning up to AFCO uninvited

    Hello all, My first post, so apologies if I haven't followed the correct etiquette for posting! Just wanted to know if it is possible to turn up to my local AFCO without having an appointment? On the RN website, it does say no appointment is needed for my AFCO, but I'm slightly skeptical of...
  4. J

    Need answers! :/

    Hi I'm just about to go to Raleigh in a few weeks and need the following questions answered: 1) Are showers at HMS Raleigh private? 2) Do you get ANY leave for the duration of your Phase 1 training? 3) How many persons in one dorm? Any answers would be hugely appreciated! Thanks.