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  1. H

    RFA Anti-Depresants

    Hello all, I am currently waiting for an update on my application for the RFA for Steward, for the ENG1 what do they look at in regards to mental health? I am on anti-depressants 20mg and have been for over a year and am in the process of coming off them. I am on a stable dosage, not had any...
  2. ShazoozleBamboozle

    Application Process - Commonwealth Candidate

    Hello everyone! Sorry if I do post this in the wrong area, first time here. Right, the reason I'm starting this is because there are plenty of Commonwealth candidates who usually post up questions regarding this and at first, like them I was scavenging through this forum to find something...
  3. A

    Joining up with hay-fever.

    So I posted on here a few hours ago about me having hay-fever but forgot to mention...this year I was prescribed prednisone a steroid used to treat allergies sometimes. It was the only time I've ever been prescribed it in my life. Will this affect my chances of joining up or not?
  4. R

    Initial Contact - Application During COVID 19

    Hi All, First time posting, I have submitted an application for Aircrew - I meet all the requirements both physical and education that I can find online. I have been asked to contact the my AFCO for a talk to further my application. I was wondering had anyone else been through this recently...
  5. C


    Hi All, How often are the rating initial training intakes? I have seen various dates thrown about on this forum, February, September, November but I cannot find a definitive list. Waiting for my medical and to do my eye tests and my interview is on the 18th April. Just hoping someone has a...
  6. K

    Acne treatment during joining process

    Hey there, Sorry if this has already been addressed however i have had a browse and couldn't quite find a similar case. I have successfully completed my medical and am now waiting on my PRNC. I have however came across quite a few posts where in cases people were denied entry on the grounds of...
  7. royal_dreams12

    Turning up to AFCO uninvited

    Hello all, My first post, so apologies if I haven't followed the correct etiquette for posting! Just wanted to know if it is possible to turn up to my local AFCO without having an appointment? On the RN website, it does say no appointment is needed for my AFCO, but I'm slightly skeptical of...
  8. L

    What's after the psychometric test?

    Hi all, I have just come home from the psychometric test at my nearest armed forces office. The test was fairly easy, and I was able to pass and gets score good enough for the role I wish to pursue. I know that the next step for on joining the Royal Navy is the interview. My question is, how...
  9. S

    Thinking of joining the RNR but unsure

    Hi all. I'm a 17 year old female who looks about 12 and is incredibly socially anxious/introverted. I'm just wondering what the process of joining the reserves is like. I understand that there are interviews, tests and medicals etc but I have a few questions on the actual joining of the RNR too...
  10. J

    Navy entry/Spinal fusion.

    Hi there all, I want to join the navy but I'm worried I will be refused entry. Over 5 years ago I had two operations on my lower spine. One to remove a bulge that came out of a disc and the other operation was a spinal fusion between two of the discs. The guidelines for being refused entry...
  11. Donatello

    Joining after leaving RM recruit training

    Hi, I'm currently awaiting a decision from my AFCO on weather or not I am eligible to join the Navy after leaving RM recruit training last year. I've spoke to my AFCO and they are waiting for word from Portsmouth on my eligibility. I was just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation...
  12. J

    Could I Delay My Entry Date To Finish Uni?

    Hi, Im currently studying at university and am midway through my first year, I've already applied to RN and have my RT coming up soon. Since applying for RN, I've changed my course so I won't be doing a placement year (2 years to go now, not 3), however I would still like to finish university...
  13. Antonio555

    Interview - and school suspensions

    Hi all, I have my interview in a few weeks time and one thing quite worrying me. I understand within the questions about education they ask if you got in any trouble at school? I did get suspended whilst at school when I was 13 and once at 14 years old I think for silly fights I had with my...
  14. J


    Hi there, Looking for some information regarding training for then Aircraft Engineering Technician role. I am curious as to where the training takes place and where you are based after, as I am from Scotland. Many thanks.
  15. N

    Options for a 33 year old...

    Before I get blasted - I know there are other guys who have posted the 'old man/too old' type threads but here are my questions (which I haven't been able to ascertain the answer to on the forum so far): I'm 32 (about to turn 33 in a week), a male, in decent fitness, currently a lawyer (boo...
  16. Rum&Rations

    Officer Application?

    Okay so like many others here, this is also my first post so be nice :) Basically, the goal is Warfare Officer and I've done a few bits and bobs to get me on my way. In December I spoke to a careers advisor, who advised me to perhaps start the process in August. (I get my exam results here)...
  17. Holmesy

    Sift Interview Advice?

    Hi guys, I have my Sift in two weeks time and was just wondering if anybody on here would be able to give me any tips as I believe that the type of questions being asked at Sift has recently changed? thanks in advance
  18. S

    Some information about a knee injiry

    Hi. I'm currently joining as an officer and I have a query to ask. Its a long story but I'll be short and sweet. I had my medical test 2 months ago, and the doctor wanted some more info about a knee injury I had last year. He sent away for the documents in late beginning of November and they...