joing the royal navy

  1. E

    Entry route

    Afternoon, I've been out the Army about 2 years and want to look at joining as a mine clearance diver, however I've heard the job has a shocking waiting list for the PDA and diver medical. Instead of doing that I'm looking to join as a mine warfare specialist then hopefully transfer branch to...
  2. D


    Hello all, Got a quick question. Over a year ago I ended up getting a cortisone injection in both my shoulders. This was a result of bieng an idiot and not realising I was doing an exercise wrong, flaring my shoulders out and what not. There was no damage, I just didnt realise I was doing the...
  3. J

    Best roles for overseas opportunities.

    Hows it going guys, im currently serving in the Raf and im looking to transfer over. Ive seen a few trades that seem interesting, however i dont know what navy life is like so im asking for some guidance. So far ive seen: Mine clearance diver air traffic control officer PTI Engineering onboard...
  4. A

    Joining with hay-fever.

    Alright guys. Just looking for some advice. So when I was a kid I had mild asthma blue and brown inhalers that sort of stuff. Its never affected me majorly I've never has asthma attacks nothing like that but hay-fever sometimes makes it flare up a little. Its not a major concern to me but I'm...
  5. R

    GP medical paperwork delays

    Hi, I have reached the medical stage of my application and am currently waiting on my GP to send the paperwork requested back to Capita Defence. Before starting my Royal Navy application I recently (about 2 months ago) switched from my university GP to my local home GP. When I called my home GP...
  6. H

    I want to join the navy

    Hi I want to join the navy I havnt applied yet because I don’t think I’m fit enough so am training everyday to get fit and am stopping smoking how fit should I be before joining any advice would be good and I’m quite a nervous person at the start is this a bad thing but I can’t stop thinking...
  7. Avocadolol


    Who the heck are capita and what do they do? I know it’s something medical but not fully sure!
  8. potnoodle

    psychometric test

    so i failed my psychometric test today because of the maths part,i think i did ok on the rest of the sections, the officer told me that i was literally 6 marks off, and i've been booked to resit it for the 26th march. i'm going through the numeracy practise test online and part of my problem...
  9. S

    Accelerated Scheme Vs Standard Entry

    Hi everyone, I applied for the Accelerated Weapons Engineer course, passed the exams and the interview but unfortunately was not selected by the board to be offered a place, however I was offered a job going in as a standard rate rather then leading hand. The next Intake for the accelerated...
  10. S

    Accelerated Apprenticeship Pay (WE)

    Hi all, I am currently waiting on a start date for the Royal Navy, I’m joining on the accelerated apprenticeship scheme (fast tracked to leading hand) and was wondering when we will start to receive the pay advertised on the website (£31,000) will this start from Raleigh? Phase 2? I’ve asked in...
  11. C


    Hi All, How often are the rating initial training intakes? I have seen various dates thrown about on this forum, February, September, November but I cannot find a definitive list. Waiting for my medical and to do my eye tests and my interview is on the 18th April. Just hoping someone has a...
  12. C

    Joining and psychometric test.

    hi guys. i have my psychometric test on the 20th march, im extremely nervous for it. my heart is set on the military. im looking for tips on the whole joining process and the test itself. im really worried about the maths side so if anyone has any tips on that id be grateful. what should i...
  13. B

    Contact lenses requirments

    I am due for Raleigh soon and was wondering is there a contact lenses requirement my glasses are under 6:00 diplomats wondering if the 6:00 diplomats applies to contact lenses My contact lenses are 6:00 and 6:50 Will this impact my naval career
  14. T

    Warfare Specialist.

    Evening all, I’m currently looking into different roles in the Navy. A few roles stick out more than being the Warfare Specialist. I have read a few threads about the role, and understand that there is now sub branches. Correct me if I’m wrong. I would prefer a more hands on job...
  15. B

    Non-epileptic seizures

    Hi there, I’ve recently turned 18 and was very interested in joining the navy spent 7 years as a cadet at Sea Cadet Corps, However at the age of 13 I had a series of ‘seizures’ no tests have positive results for epilepsy, and they couldn’t find the cause but they’ve stopped around 5 years ago...
  16. S

    Unsure of whether to join the Army or Navy

    Hi all, I'm finishing my A-Levels and looking at joining either the Army or Navy upon finishing at the end of June next year. My original idea of role was being part of the police sector for either, as that was my initial idea of a civi job. I've taken the initial steps in joining both but the...
  17. R


    Just applied however really worried about my eyesight being +7 on right and +8 on left, my eyes couldn’t be worse to be honest. Havnt had them checked in about a year but doubt they will change for the better. I know it says minimum -6 or +6 but I don’t know if this is true and if they may...
  18. JackFH

    PJFT PACE !!!

    Hi all, I have my PJFT next friday and im looking for some help on what pace to run to achieve certain times... For example what would the pace be if i wanted to hit 10mins 30 seconds (Not aiming for that time just wanted to work off of that pace) The help would be very much appreciated!! J
  19. J

    Watch Recommendations

    Can I get any recommendations on watches to buy for HMS Raleigh, basic training please? Thank you.