1. D

    BRNC intake January 2021

    Did a quick search and didn't find any thread for Jan 2021. Passed my vAIB a while back and had my aircrew medical, I've heard rumours that AIB may be announcing the list for January's intake early so any updates would be greatly appreciated.
  2. D

    Starting BRNC in January- Potential role change?

    A slot has opened up for me to start officer training in January, I got this offer today, which I accepted of course (Giving me only one months notice). I passed FATs back in March for ATC and Observer but just missed out on pilot which is what I originally wanted. I passed AIB in September. I...
  3. Reyskywalker1994

    RFA Seamanship Apprentice Training?

    Hey guys! Just out of curiosity does anyone know The ins and outs regarding the training program at Raleigh? I.e. Uniform, structure etc would be lovely to have an idea before hand! Ta