1. OC Stupid

    Material to read before entering

    Evening folks, I'm currently in the application process of joining as a Warfare Intelligence Officer and I'm bewildered by the kind of material I should read before the AIB, a lot of the links on this forum are out of date and I was wondering whether you guys had any recommendations, so far my...
  2. potnoodle

    First interview

    So obviously with the corona virus a lot of things have been cancelled (understandably) and so my psychometric resit had been cancelled and they went off my gcse results instead (which actually worked out better for me haha!) anyways they explained that I’ll have my first interview over the...
  3. A

    Unsure of Job role

    Good evening, I'm new here, but I have a question about recruitment. I chose the job role of ET ME (sub) but am worried that it may not be the right role for me. I hear from others that submariners (when deployed) may not travel a lot which is part of the reason I'm joining. I have had my RT and...
  4. E

    What to bring to the interview

    Hello, I've got my interview coming up next week and i'm having a problems with certificates. Recently moved house and everything is in boxes so very hard to find the OFFICIAL documents. I've taken my GCSE results and my two years of college results off my college website, this grades are the...
  5. A

    Officer Interview

    Evening all, Apologies as I know officer interviews have been done to death on here. Would just like some clarification as I have my first officer interview on the 12th of March. Is this interview the equivalent of the old sift interview where you are questioned about the Navy as a whole? Or is...
  6. themuddyduck

    Recruitment Timelines

    I haven't seen any recent recruitment timelines on here (Probably looking at the wrong places lol). Anyways, here's a new thread and I'm proper nosy. I want to know what your timeline is like beginning from the time you made your online application. Here's mine so far; Made and Sent Online...
  7. P

    warfare officer?

    hi guys, I have passed my RT and now im off for my interview for warfare officer. I want to go in with as much knowledge as possible so I can answer everything thrown my way. can anyone tell me what the main responsibilities/ secondary roles of a warfare officer please? and/or even perhaps run...
  8. M

    Information for the interview

    Hello, I recently passed my RT test very well and I have my interview booked next week. I have read about the questions I will be asked about. But an area I lack in would be the service questions. When they called me they said to learn about things on basic training, the 10 week program, what...
  9. ws1602

    2018 Application - Step by Step

    Hello, so I have recently started my application for Warfare Specialist in the Navy. I thought that I would try, to my best ability, and document each step and give as much advice as possible. I know that there is advice out there for individual sections but I plan to compile all onto this one...
  10. T

    Interview/medical/fitness test expiration?

    Hi, I was just wondering if the initial interview, medical and PJFT expire after a certain amount of time? I had my initial interview Apr 2017, finally passed my medical Oct 2017 and my PJFT in Nov 2017 but my provisional start date isn't until September 2018. Any advice will be appreciated.
  11. PaulieGualtieri

    Father in prison, will this affect my application?

    Hi guys, I'm 17 and in the middle of my application process (Passed psychometric test awaiting medical) but I can't help but worry about the selection interview, particularly the 'What does dad do?' question. Basically my dad is currently serving 9 years in prison for GBH, he's never been to...
  12. N

    Any Accelerated Apprenticeship Scheme: Marine Engineers here?

    Dear Navy Net, I am applying for the above role, are there any people already doing it that are willing to answer questions about it. E.g. Where does the training start e.g. HMS Raleigh for 10 Wks, then for the next section where? What does an AAS Marine Engineer Do? E.g. Works on a ships...
  13. tbfyb

    Interview/warfare specialist

    im bricking it for my interview tomorrow. Can anyone give me a heads up on specific questions about the RN which are there to take me off guard? And can anyone tell me in detail what to expect as a warfare specialist as I can't seem to find much in detail. Thanks a lot
  14. T

    UGAS Undergraduate Apprenticeship Scheme - Marine/Weapons Engineer Submariner (MESM/WESM)

    Hi, I have applied to join the Royal Navy on the UGAS submariner engineering scheme. So far, ive passed the recruit test, interview and telephone medical interview. Assuming I pass the in-person medical (fingers crossed!) and with my fitness not being a problem, my only concern is the...
  15. P

    Interview immediately after RT

    Afternoon all, Firstly, I have only just signed up but I've been using this forum for information for months it really is fantastic - thank you all. I have my psychometric test booked in (applying for an officer role), and I am told I'll have an interview immediately after this, regarding my...
  16. L

    Police Involvement questions during interview

    I've got my interview coming up soon and heard that while you don't have to disclose any spent convictions you do have to mention any police involvement (ie being questioned/arrested etc), anyone had any involvement in this? I thought if a conviction was spent you didn't have to mention it at...
  17. MenInSlacks

    Passed RT now Initial officer interview

    Hello again all, Firstly I wanted to again thank everyone who replied to my previous threads, even the sarcastic bastards ;D . However moving forward as the title suggests I am moving onto the next part of the officer process which is my initial officer interview and am looking for any help or...
  18. Antonio555

    Interview - and school suspensions

    Hi all, I have my interview in a few weeks time and one thing quite worrying me. I understand within the questions about education they ask if you got in any trouble at school? I did get suspended whilst at school when I was 13 and once at 14 years old I think for silly fights I had with my...
  19. N

    RFA Interview - Leading Hand Supply Chain

    Hi All I have an interview with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary in December for Leading Hand, Supply chain. i would be really grateful if someone could give me some advice regarding what I should be researching prior to interview and any useful information/tips. Thanks in advance.
  20. J


    Hi there, Looking for some information regarding training for then Aircraft Engineering Technician role. I am curious as to where the training takes place and where you are based after, as I am from Scotland. Many thanks.