interview aib questions

  1. T

    SIFT Interview

    Hi there, I’ve got my SIFT interview for an Officer Pilot coming up and I’m wondering how to approach the managerial and leadership questions? Being a full time student and also having a part time job I haven’t had many opportunities to physically be a leader however I believe I possess the...
  2. H

    AIB Prep - What are the keys to success?

    Hi all, I am due to attend my first AIB within the next two months and would appreciate if any current serving/recent AIB candidates could share their experiences and prep tips with me. I know there are many posts like this but I am hoping for some up to date information surrounding the AIB and...
  3. Pascal

    Questions regarding officer application (Timeline etc.)

    Hello, I've applied for the role of WO, my psychometric test is on 23rd Jan. Few quick questions. 1. What would be the timescale (providing nothing goes wrong and becomes delayed), that I would likely be sent to AIB if I pass the medical/PJFT etc.. I understand that there is a slight...