1. N

    Suggested Reading Naval Intelligence

    Hi, I am in the process of applying to become a Warfare Intelligence Officer (early stages) and I was wondering if anyone could recommend any books upon the subject, more specifically Post WW2 books relating to Naval intelligence? I am aware that the methodologies and practices will now be...
  2. BratMedic

    British Naval Intelligence through the Twentieth Century by Andrew Boyd

    An extremely well researched and comprehensive read, but, it is a weighty tome indeed. This account covers just about everything to do with Naval intelligence you could think of, personnel, incidents, codes, ciphers and general intelligence gathering. There is a brief account of the early...
  3. I

    Crypto Technician or WS Intelligence?

    Hey everyone. I’m currently preparing to send off my RN application but am stuck between two main roles. Originally I was going to go for WS (which is a role im still keen on) however i’ve looked into both CT and WS Intelligence. I have in interest in intelligence so I was wondering if anyone...
  4. A

    Intelligence officer

    Hi all, Currently a serving Royal Marine, in the process of transferring through the UY scheme. I have a couple of queries that I’d like advice on as the AIB is currently virtual due to Covid. Firstly, will they really hone in on why I’m wanting to leave the Marines for the Navy? Secondly I’ve...
  5. J

    Intelligence Officer Lifestyle and Questions

    Hi all, I hope its alright to post here a couple of questions regarding life as an intelligence officer in the Navy. I am coming to the end of my Master's degree now and have wanted to join the Military for a while and can't decide between the Army, Navy, or Air Force. I've spoken to my AFCO...
  6. J

    General Entry Officer Reserve - Naval Intelligence?

    Hello, I have looked through the RNR recruitment website in the last few weeks and found that General Entry Officer might be my route into being a reservist with Naval Intelligence. I tried asking questions about Naval Intelligence on the online chat function the recruitment website has, but...