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    PhD project interviewing veterans about life after injury

    Hello all. Posting this (with Bad CO’s approval) about my PhD project researching life after an injury. I am currently recruiting veterans to interview who experienced a traumatic injury, which has led to separation from the Armed Forces/active duty. My definition of traumatic injury is: limb...
  2. K

    Appealing the medical

    Hi there, I received a letter from the navy yesterday to say they regret to inform me that my application has been rejected. This is on the grounds that I had an MRI scan on my ankle in May which showed to have a thinned ligament (nothing serious, the doc offered physio but advised me not to...
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    Shin splints!

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to get an answer from someone who passed out of raleigh recently. I've had shin splints for several months even during my prnc. I think of have recovered now as I have been running every few days and feel fine. However I am worried it could come back depending on how...
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    Injury before Raleigh

    If I set back my Raleigh date due to injury how long till I get my new date? I know it's best asking my AFCO, I'm really just seeing if anybody has had the same problem.