1. S

    Plantar Fasciitis Recovery...

    Been fucked since nov 19 really can’t seem to get rid of it, feeling proper sorry for myself good thing is i’ve earnt a super chit which covers everything (even walking over the bridge at sultan) but my head is due falling off need to get back training asap, anyone here had it and managed to...
  2. J

    Twisted ankle! PRNC

    Hello guys, Really gutted atm looking for advice. I have been training really hard for the last few months, I have my prnc on Monday (09). Today I went on a casual light jog and rolled my ankle over a cobble, looks like I’ve twisted it pretty well. It’s swollen, so I am following RICE. My...
  3. C

    PhD project interviewing veterans about life after injury

    Hello all. Posting this (with Bad CO’s approval) about my PhD project researching life after an injury. I am currently recruiting veterans to interview who experienced a traumatic injury, which has led to separation from the Armed Forces/active duty. My definition of traumatic injury is: limb...
  4. K

    Appealing the medical

    Hi there, I received a letter from the navy yesterday to say they regret to inform me that my application has been rejected. This is on the grounds that I had an MRI scan on my ankle in May which showed to have a thinned ligament (nothing serious, the doc offered physio but advised me not to...
  5. W

    Shin splints!

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to get an answer from someone who passed out of raleigh recently. I've had shin splints for several months even during my prnc. I think of have recovered now as I have been running every few days and feel fine. However I am worried it could come back depending on how...
  6. S

    Injury before Raleigh

    If I set back my Raleigh date due to injury how long till I get my new date? I know it's best asking my AFCO, I'm really just seeing if anybody has had the same problem.