1. M

    Hydrographers, phase 2 and sea time

    I’m joining up on 21st feb and going in as a droggie. I was wondering if someone could explain to me the phase 2 training as it’s still unclear after asking both my AFCO and when I went on PRNC. I’m aware it’s 6 months but how much of that is at sea? What ship might I do my training on? Also...
  2. K

    New AIB Fasttracking?

    Hi All, I’m in the application process for HM Officer, passed my SIFT at the beginning of September ‘21. I’ve got a pre-recorded interview that has to be recorded and then sent off by the end of the week, and then an opportunity for a group exercise if I’m successful. I haven’t seen any other...
  3. J

    Post AIB

    Hi Posting on behalf of my daughter, a question I would like to know! She has been put forward for AIB, probably a long wait ahead. I’m sure she will do well, but if she doesn’t pass what are the options? She is applying for HM, and wants to be in that branch, so if she failed AIB, could she...
  4. J

    HM intake

    Hi. Does anyone know how often and when intakes are for HM Branch ?
  5. B

    Hydrography and Metoc

    Hi All, Im looking for some updated information about Hydrography and meteorology officers. I've read through many of the posts on the site regarding the role and many of the post are a tad dated. Im looking really, to get an idea of demand for the role and an idea of career progression and...
  6. M

    17yr old wanting to join the RN

    Hi everyone,this is the first time I’ve ever posted on here but not quite sure who else to ask these sort of questions to as I’m in a bit of a sticky situation. I’m a 16 year old female(turning 17 in 2 days time) and I’ve just received a phone call from the RN asking whether I was still...
  7. T

    Hydrography and Meteorology Specialist

    Newbie here - hello :) I'm currently a physiotherapist in the NHS but am aiming to join the Navy as a Hydrography and Meteorology Specialist. I was wondering if anyone had recent experience with the role and could tell me what it is really like? I would prefer Hydrography but understand that...