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  1. J

    Leave throughout career

    Hi there in a few weeks I’ll be joining railegh and I’m aware you get no time off during this unless it’s fallen over Easter or Christmas (luckily mine does). My main question is what is the annual leave altogether after phase 1 and 2 training. I only ask this as on my CPC staff told us we get...
  2. J

    What is the Warfare Officer course like once you're there?

    Hello, my boyfriend is trying to join the Navy as a warfare officer and I was wondering what the course at Britannia is like in terms of holidays and weekends off etc? I am keen to know if I will be able to visit him, how much time off he'll get etc. Any details about the timings of the course...
  3. M


    Hi I was just wondering after I have finished my basic 10 week training at HMS Raleigh,and begin my phase 2,will I be told when my holidays are or do I get too choose?