1. JWhite1805

    HMS Raleigh Week By Week 2021 Autumn

    I thought I'd make a post detailing the week by week of INT(R), because its daunting enough going in, its even worse going in blind. I've had to bastardize a few bits because I was only on a 9-week course, instead of the usual 10 (No idea why), I know there's a few already on this site, but...
  2. S


    Im creating this thread for anyone that has a joining date of the 11th October 2021 for us to get to know each other and share our experiences before we start our careers in the Royal Navy :D I will be entering on the last intake for the UGAS Scheme Feel free to post what you guys are joining...
  3. L

    Dental checks

    Hi I'm way through navy recruitment process and saw that raleigh do dental check I'm scared I'll have it taken away. When I was younger I was in an accident resulting in having teeth knocked fully out and having a denture with like 3 teeth... would I be not allowed? I'm 22 and the NHS don't help...
  4. B

    Speakers at Hms Raleigh

    Hello, Me and my group going to Hms Raleigh for initial training are wondering if you are aloud to bring speakers for music at sensible times like when ironing or shining boots as these can be quite boring and my group have a joint playlist. Anyone got anything on this or any experiences? Thanks!
  5. M

    Name the three exercises conducted during phase 1 training?

    Can anyone help me with this please?, I can't seem to find the answers anywhere!!