1. Kirkmania

    HMS Splendid (1997) TV Series

    HMS Splendid (1997). In 1997 the BBC were allowed on board HMS Splendid – one of the Royal Navy’s twelve Hunter-Killer submarines – to record one of the most important missions of her career. Nuclear powered to ruthlessly seek out and destroy other submarines and warships, Hunter-Killer...
  2. Kirkmania

    Shipmates (2005) TV Series

    Shipmates (2005). A definitive portrait of the men and women of the Royal Navy – at sea and ashore. This landmark documentary series focuses on the men and women of the Royal Navy and their ever-changing role in the modern world. From arcane below-deck rituals to quick-response tsunami relief...
  3. Kirkmania

    Royal Navy School (2016) aka Royal Navy Sailor School (2016) TV Series

    Royal Navy School (2016) which is also known as Royal Navy Sailor School (2016) depending on where in the world you watched it. The documentary series followed recruits through Royal Navy training, capturing every detail from gruelling training exercises to dormitory high jinks, as young men and...
  4. Kirkmania

    Royal Navy: Caribbean Patrol TV Series

    Royal Navy: Caribbean Patrol. This was a documentary series which followed HMS Manchester during her deployment to the Caribbean. KirkCrazy Royal Navy: Caribbean Patrol Password: Navy Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6
  5. N

    HMS Raleigh...

    Hi guys, I go to Raleigh in just under two weeks, and my fitness isn't up to scratch. I actually failed my 2.4K run in my PRNC by 24 seconds and that was to be done in 14 minutes 29 seconds. The quickest I had done it before that week was 17 minutes 27 seconds so I did it much faster when I was...
  6. Repulse

    Ship ID, please... 1908

    Hello, all. Haven't posted for yonks, but would like some help, if anyone would oblige :) This is a picture postcard on eBay... is at Dover, and postmark is 1908. There's a life ring at the foot of the picture, but can't get the words from it... can anyone ID it for me, please? Many thanks!
  7. krem81

    HMS Hood in Colour

    It is nice to see some old footage thats in colour. I often wonder what black and white footage would look like in colour. I found this video of the Hood from back in 1939. She was leaving pompy and heading out to do some sea trials. Have a watch and see what you think...