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hms sultan

  1. S

    Fast Track Board for Phase 2 ET(ME) to LH

    hi all, i have a fast track board coming up soon as i pass out of sultan soon. was wondering if anyone has some insight on the board and what topics would be good to patch up on. any help is appreicated! cheers
  2. J

    Hms sultan start dates 2021

    When does training course start at hms sultan for AETs as expected to pass out Raleigh on the 11th of Demeter wondering when I would start phase 2 training as it would be close to Christmas would I be sent home till my start date at sultan or go straight there after pass out
  3. J

    What happens after HMS sultan and where are you based

    After phase 2 training is complete at HMS sultan what happens as I can find a lot of information on it, do you get leave, where do you go and are you based somewhere
  4. D

    Phase 2 Sultan Kit

    Joining HMS Sultan for phase 2 as AET on 8th January, however haven't received a kit list. Does anyone know if I should take ALL my kit from phase 1? Including my ones? Cheers
  5. Bel98

    advice for a navy relationship

    Hiya, My boyfriend is due to be leaving for Raleigh in September of this year and has his pre joining course in July (luckily we have a lovely last summer!). He will hopefully be training as an air engineering technician. Does anyone have any information or advice about what their partner's...
  6. R

    Who makes the Engineering task books?

    Hi All, Does anybody know which department produces the training Task Books? I believe that they may be at HMS Sultan but can't seem to find any more information on them. Thanks, Ricky