hms raleigh

  1. Genghis

    PAYD during Basic training

    Hi everyone! I've had a root around on here and can only find info about Phase 2 PAYD. Can anyone provide information about if recruits are PAYD during our lovely 10 week stay at HMS Raleigh? I would like to know for budgeting reasons, I need to "adult" (sadface). Cheers!
  2. R

    Will I actually get a place at HMS Raleigh?

    Hi, New to this forum and have a question regarding the joining process. I've passed all the recruitment tests and been given a start date for my basic training and a date for my Pre Royal Navy Course. Assuming I pass the PRNC am I guaranteed to start basic training on the start date given to...
  3. K

    Joining HMS Raleigh 14th May!!

    Anyone else joining Raleigh on the 14th of may?
  4. B


    I have just received my dates for PRNC which is 20th march HMS RALEIGH 11th June. Is their anyone else sharing these dates??
  5. W

    Shin splints!

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to get an answer from someone who passed out of raleigh recently. I've had shin splints for several months even during my prnc. I think of have recovered now as I have been running every few days and feel fine. However I am worried it could come back depending on how...
  6. Walter_white

    I start HMS RALEIGH 27th Nov

    I start HMS Raleigh on the 27th November and haven't started training. I am reasonably fit but haven't done much in the last 2 months. I need to get into gear but I need some form of motivation. Can anyone give me some tips for getting ready for Raleigh.
  7. L

    Raleigh Joining

    Hi guys and girls, I'm currently serving RNR (before any old sea salts go for the if the jobs worth doing speech save your breath) I'm in the middle of transferring to the RN and should be starting Raleigh INT December/January time, so I was wondering does anyone else around these parts have a...
  8. Bel98

    advice for a navy relationship

    Hiya, My boyfriend is due to be leaving for Raleigh in September of this year and has his pre joining course in July (luckily we have a lovely last summer!). He will hopefully be training as an air engineering technician. Does anyone have any information or advice about what their partner's...