hms raleigh

  1. R

    HMS Raleigh

    I've just started the recruitment process and wondered what the daily routine in HMS Raleigh is like, such as waking up and going to bed? My current job has got me doing all sorts of weird hours and I just wanted to better prepare myself before I start.
  2. L


    Hello Guys!! Been in civvie street for almost 8 years and I am joining back up!! I've had my process papers back from the AFCO and yaaaaay I don't have to do Phase 1 again!! So straight to Phase 2 for me!! I just have a few questions about the process if someone can enlighten me? 1. how do I...
  3. L.L1878

    PRNC 7th May 2018 Caledonia

    Just wondering if anyone’s got their PRNC in Caledonia 7th May, also raleigh dates 17th June got a few lads with the same raleigh date feel free to drop me a DM
  4. JackFH

    ETWE training

    Hi all, I have recently swapped from WS to ETWE and am now waiting for my new dates for HMS Raleigh and my PRNC. I am wondering if anyone has anymore in depth knowledge of ETWE training at HMS Collingwood I have seen the basics but just wondered if anyone had anymore knowledge on it so I know...
  5. J

    Very worried for hms Raleigh

    I’m due to leave for Raleigh in about 3 week and I’m already full of nerves. The physical side of it all I’m confident about as I came first in my class at the mile and half in the prnc and most of the other things I’m confindent about but when it comes to kit I’m absolutely shocking. I...
  6. L.L1878

    HMS RALEIGH 17th June

    Got me start date for Raleigh 17th June for WS Just lookin to see if thers anyone else on here who starts around that time, prnc 7th May aswell
  7. A

    Payment of rent/Phone bill etc while training

    Hello, new to this, extremely excited to do my PRNC and hopefully pass to go to HMS RALEIGH as a ETMA, found out my start date for Raleigh is the 10th of June if all goes well at Rosyth, I am in full time work right now and pay bills, roughly around £400 a month, would I need to save up this...
  8. J

    Worried already

    I got my date for my entry and prnc the other day and was excited but now my mate who was at raleigh is getting discharged tomorrow for dudt because he was back classed 2 week then failed a kit muster again on week 7. I’m not planning on being discharged but I’d quite like to know what’s the...
  9. J

    Watch Recommendations

    Can I get any recommendations on watches to buy for HMS Raleigh, basic training please? Thank you.
  10. J

    Need answers! :/

    Hi I'm just about to go to Raleigh in a few weeks and need the following questions answered: 1) Are showers at HMS Raleigh private? 2) Do you get ANY leave for the duration of your Phase 1 training? 3) How many persons in one dorm? Any answers would be hugely appreciated! Thanks.
  11. J

    Ears -hms Raleigh

    I’m going to get to the point, after my medical (April 2017) i was at an MMA lesson and can’t remember what happened but I hurt my ear. Fast forward to now, I’ve got 3 month to go till raleigh and My ears struggle to pop or don’t pop like I remember and I think it’s linked to what happened in...
  12. 0

    Hms raleigh starting date ?

    Hi, ive went through all the recruitment process and waiting on my start date for hms raleigh. I done my pjft on the 2nd of december and a week later my careers adviser rang to say he would apply for my possition at hms raleigh. I havent heard anything since about my starting date and it is...
  13. tbfyb

    Latex allergy- inactive

    I posted a bit ago about finding out I had a latex allergy from 4 years ago, which I’ve never had. My Gp has put it as inactive and on my med records there is no other incident since this, no other medication prescribed or anything. I rang up my afco and they said it’s usually 4 year clear but...
  14. tbfyb

    Ganglion cyst

    bit of an odd one, I have a small lump on my wrist and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s a ganglion cyst, it’s only noticeable when I bend it and if you pay close attention to my wrist. I’ve had it for about 9 month (it comes and goes) I keep trying to pop it but nothing seems to be working. In...
  15. tbfyb

    Low self esteem

    I’m going to Raleigh in March 18’ and at first I was so excited but now it’s getting closer day by day and I’ve started to panic and think: what if it isn’t for me? I’ve always battled with my confidence as I think most teenagers have but recently in between all the fitness running folding n...
  16. tbfyb

    HMS Raleigh medical worry

    I’m rather worried about the medical at hms Raleigh as early in the year I had a slight neck pain which I went to the doctors for but wasn’t prescribed with anything and passed my doctors medical without a hitch. When I go to Raleigh I think it’ll be about a year since I went to the docs for it...
  17. C

    What bag do I take to HMS Raleigh?

    Hi All, I just finished packing and realized I don't have a big enough bag for all my stuff, Would a smaller sized suitcase be ok or will should i seek a bigger duffel bag?
  18. K

    How do I post an item to my son at HMS Raleigh.

    My son started last Sunday 10wks training. But he forgot his charger & lead for his phone. How do I post this to him. I have tried the AFCO where he started his induction. But alas I cannot get through to anyone. Phone line goes dead. I have phoned Royal Navy joining number given on the AFCO...
  19. tbfyb

    PRNC advice

    finally got my date for my prnc and my entry date, I have plenty of time to prepare and have already started running and swimming ages ago so on that front I should be ok, I’m just wondering if there’s anything else I could prepare on to hit the ground running on my prnc and when I’m in Raleigh...
  20. tbfyb

    HMS Raleigh medical

    when I did my first interview I was tmu’d for dyspraxia (which I’ve grown out of) then at my medical I was tmu’d for an undecended testicle (Yeah yeah I know hilarious) then I got tmu’d a third time for a broken finger I broke 3 years ago but all that’s been cleared now. Other than that I’m...