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  1. D

    Aggravated Patellar Tendon - 7 days til Raleigh

    Hi all, Back in September, I aggravated my patellar tendon trying to suddenly increase my running distance from doing 5k’s and jumping straight into a 10k (I won’t be making that mistake again). I immediately contacted my doctor who referred me for physiotherapy. I’ve been doing the exercises...
  2. JWhite1805

    HMS Raleigh Week By Week 2021 Autumn

    I thought I'd make a post detailing the week by week of INT(R), because its daunting enough going in, its even worse going in blind. I've had to bastardize a few bits because I was only on a 9-week course, instead of the usual 10 (No idea why), I know there's a few already on this site, but...
  3. Kirkmania

    Royal Navy School (2016) aka Royal Navy Sailor School (2016) TV Series

    Royal Navy School (2016) which is also known as Royal Navy Sailor School (2016) depending on where in the world you watched it. The documentary series followed recruits through Royal Navy training, capturing every detail from gruelling training exercises to dormitory high jinks, as young men and...
  4. J

    Fitness/Hms Raleigh

    Hi guys, I’m new to this just wanted to say hi first of all. I’m awaiting my face to face medical and my fitness date. I’m cacking my pants thinking about the running side of phase 1, can anyone let me know what to expect? My running is okay I guess there’s always room for improvement, I’m just...
  5. A

    2.4km run at HMS Raleigh

    hello, im an 18yr old female and the fastest run time I've achieved on track is 13.42, within the 14.29 time I have to hit. I train 4 -5 times a week with one active rest day and one full rest day, and the times I usually hit with my eun are between 13.42 and 14.13 PJFT has also been passed I...
  6. A

    What happens after interview stage? How long do you have to wait till you get to HMS Raleigh?

    Hello, I'm new here, I was wondering if anyone can help? I'm currently on the medical stage to cleared, once my GP has provided my medical records. I'm assuming after that would be the interview stage. I know due to the covid-19 pandemic, alot of application process has been changed or...
  7. KyleE1106

    Brasso/metal polish

    I was wondering if someone could help me out. I was wondering what type of brasso/metal polish I should be taking to HMS Raleigh basic training. I was originally going to take brasso wadding but I wasn’t too sure if that was the correct one. Any help would be great. Thank you
  8. I

    Pay in Phase 1 and Phase 2 training for a rating

    Its only recently I found out you got payed in raleigh and collingwood and was fully prepared to do both on no pay so was just wondering what the pay was like at Raleigh and Collingwood for a rating. Thanks ;)
  9. P

    Break after 10 week at Raleigh

    Hi guys. My boyfriend is due to start his 10 week training start of March and I am just wondering if he gets any time off after his 10 week at Raleigh . He gets two week off in April for Easter and unsure if this will affect any time he may get off after? Thank you.
  10. H

    Vaccinations/blood grouping

    I’m due to go back to Raleigh in January for the second time I first went in 2018 will I have to do my injections and blood grouping again or will I be alright because I’ve done it? I’ve got the paper work they gave me for it and that thanks
  11. H

    Rejoining- recruit test

    I left in 2018 after 5 week at Raleigh and have decided to re join and I have the dates for my PRNC and start date but I did my recruit test in 2017 November and Raleigh in December do i need to do my recruit test again or will I be okay I am joining as the same role as I was last time if it...
  12. M


  13. S

    Will summer leave alter Raleigh

    Hi all, I’ve been given a start date for Raleigh ( 8/06/20 ). I know that you are given 2 weeks leave over the summer period and I was just wondering when if anyone knows what date this falls on? I’m just curious as to how much longer Raleigh will be for myself and if I could potentially plan...
  14. J

    Preparing for HMS Raleigh at 16

    Hello everyone, I’ve just finished my recruit test and have chosen to become a marine engineer. I start Raleigh in about 5 months and I’m just looking for any advice to further prepare myself for Raleigh. I am physically fit and have recently started going to the gym to train my cardio and...
  15. silentcomms

    Travel to Raleigh

    I've been seeing some people confused about start dates/travel for Raleigh and old information crossing over. I recently had my final entry brief and the travel down to Raleigh and start date is now just Monday. You won't be traveling down on Sunday's anymore due to train services ending early...
  16. M

  17. E

    The big wait

    Currently waiting on my start date, as far as I am aware the intake for AA ET/ME should be around October/November (I could be wrong). My fitness is decent and fairly clued up on my technical knowledge; just wondering if there's anything that I should perhaps brush up on or practice before...
  18. C

    Medical Assessment at Raleigh

    Hello, I am scheduled to start basic training sometime soon and I am a bit worried as to the medical you do on your first few days at Raleigh. I failed my first medical Assessment due to microscopic haematuria but was cleared by my doctor about two months back as all my organs are in perfect...
  19. bobbybrown

    RFA chef apprentice.

    Hey, I am due to start my chef apprentice ship with the RFA in 3 weeks at HMS RALEIGH and I’m just looking for a little information. How in-depth are the English, maths and IT tests you have to do as I’m not good at maths ;)? What would you recommend me to take with me? On weekends is there much...
  20. S

    Is HMS Raleigh like the Channel 4 programme makes it out to be?

    A few years ago there was a programme on channel 4 about basic training at Raleigh and I was wondering if it was accurate or edited to look a certain way to make it more entertaining for the public