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  2. S

    Will summer leave alter Raleigh

    Hi all, I’ve been given a start date for Raleigh ( 8/06/20 ). I know that you are given 2 weeks leave over the summer period and I was just wondering when if anyone knows what date this falls on? I’m just curious as to how much longer Raleigh will be for myself and if I could potentially plan...
  3. J

    Preparing for HMS Raleigh at 16

    Hello everyone, I’ve just finished my recruit test and have chosen to become a marine engineer. I start Raleigh in about 5 months and I’m just looking for any advice to further prepare myself for Raleigh. I am physically fit and have recently started going to the gym to train my cardio and...
  4. silentcomms

    Travel to Raleigh

    I've been seeing some people confused about start dates/travel for Raleigh and old information crossing over. I recently had my final entry brief and the travel down to Raleigh and start date is now just Monday. You won't be traveling down on Sunday's anymore due to train services ending early...
  5. M

    Rejoining after Hms Raleigh PVR

    Long story short I left Raleigh early 2018 and after sorting my shit out I’ve been given the go ahead by commander T to rejoin from October onwards so I’ve started the process again and I’m just wondering, depending on if I’m successful or not, will I be treated any differently compared to...
  6. E

    The big wait

    Currently waiting on my start date, as far as I am aware the intake for AA ET/ME should be around October/November (I could be wrong). My fitness is decent and fairly clued up on my technical knowledge; just wondering if there's anything that I should perhaps brush up on or practice before...
  7. C

    Medical Assessment at Raleigh

    Hello, I am scheduled to start basic training sometime soon and I am a bit worried as to the medical you do on your first few days at Raleigh. I failed my first medical Assessment due to microscopic haematuria but was cleared by my doctor about two months back as all my organs are in perfect...
  8. B

    RFA chef apprentice.

    Hey, I am due to start my chef apprentice ship with the RFA in 3 weeks at HMS RALEIGH and I’m just looking for a little information. How in-depth are the English, maths and IT tests you have to do as I’m not good at maths ;)? What would you recommend me to take with me? On weekends is there much...
  9. S

    Is HMS Raleigh like the Channel 4 programme makes it out to be?

    A few years ago there was a programme on channel 4 about basic training at Raleigh and I was wondering if it was accurate or edited to look a certain way to make it more entertaining for the public
  10. S

    Transport to Raleigh?

    How do you get to HMS Raleigh when you start basic training? Do you have to catch the train or can you drive down as I have family in Cornwall that can take my car? Sorry if it’s a tad daft
  11. R

    Start date for Raleigh June 30th 2019

    Is anyone starting Raleigh on the 30th June, I got my start date this week. Would be good to get to know some people.
  12. G

    Unsure about decision.

    Hello, I have completed my application for a Weapons engineering technician and after a 5 or so month wait from August finally got my PRNC and Raleigh date which is another 6 months wait, however I how since been browsing forums and talking to people I know have realised that weapons...
  13. B

    Exactly What uniform is given to you at hms Raleigh?

    Just thinking. About how much space I need to leave in my bag for things I have to bring home my ect.
  14. L

    cleaning combat boots

    hi all Im wondering how to clean my combat boots, I've been wearing them in but I don't know how to clean them properly. do I buff the combat boots with water and black polish or do I just use the 2 brushes(on and off) or maybe both thanks all hope to hear from you
  15. R

    HMS Raleigh

    I've just started the recruitment process and wondered what the daily routine in HMS Raleigh is like, such as waking up and going to bed? My current job has got me doing all sorts of weird hours and I just wanted to better prepare myself before I start.
  16. L


    Hello Guys!! Been in civvie street for almost 8 years and I am joining back up!! I've had my process papers back from the AFCO and yaaaaay I don't have to do Phase 1 again!! So straight to Phase 2 for me!! I just have a few questions about the process if someone can enlighten me? 1. how do I...
  17. L.L1878

    PRNC 7th May 2018 Caledonia

    Just wondering if anyone’s got their PRNC in Caledonia 7th May, also raleigh dates 17th June got a few lads with the same raleigh date feel free to drop me a DM
  18. JackFH

    ETWE training

    Hi all, I have recently swapped from WS to ETWE and am now waiting for my new dates for HMS Raleigh and my PRNC. I am wondering if anyone has anymore in depth knowledge of ETWE training at HMS Collingwood I have seen the basics but just wondered if anyone had anymore knowledge on it so I know...
  19. J

    Very worried for hms Raleigh

    I’m due to leave for Raleigh in about 3 week and I’m already full of nerves. The physical side of it all I’m confident about as I came first in my class at the mile and half in the prnc and most of the other things I’m confindent about but when it comes to kit I’m absolutely shocking. I...
  20. L.L1878

    HMS RALEIGH 17th June

    Got me start date for Raleigh 17th June for WS Just lookin to see if thers anyone else on here who starts around that time, prnc 7th May aswell