hms collingwood

  1. U

    Phase 2 HMS Collingwood arrival dress code.

    Just passed out of Raleigh and join Collingwood on Sunday. Wasn’t told about what we should bring (self explanatory) and what to arrive in. Just wondering if there’s anywhere I can obtain joining information as we weren’t given any at Raleigh or if someone can just let me know what I should...
  2. J

    PRNC South - 03rd June 2019

    Hi all, here is my account of my PRNC at HMS Collingwood. I’ll do my best to be as detailed as possible when speaking about the main parts of the course. As always, any questions, just post them below or send me a message. Monday I arrived at Fareham station on Monday afternoon and there were...
  3. JackFH

    ETWE training

    Hi all, I have recently swapped from WS to ETWE and am now waiting for my new dates for HMS Raleigh and my PRNC. I am wondering if anyone has anymore in depth knowledge of ETWE training at HMS Collingwood I have seen the basics but just wondered if anyone had anymore knowledge on it so I know...