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  1. Ageing_Gracefully

    The Last 100 Years by Al Murray

    Al Murray is better known as the stand up comedian The Pub Landlord who brings a somewhat cynical, albeit funny, outlook on life. Murray also and has an interest in history, producing some very interesting military history documentaries. Murray has taken this forward and given us a look at the...
  2. Hargraves

    New Member (Joined Today)

    Good Evening I have just joined as I am interested in the Royal Navy and its history, especially recent history: the Cold War era and the Falklands. My interests include current affairs/politics, history of all kinds, geography, travel, Rugger (no longer play), good conversation. As well as...
  3. janner

    Pirate Hunter

    The story of Captain Woodes Rogers, born 1679, Navigator, Privateer and Governor. A well-researched book, which will be of great interest to those who study this period of history. Certainly the background information is full of facts and figures. Rogers own writings are widely referred to...
  4. gregleeds

    Anyone recognise this rig?

    So I'm doing a bit of research for my partner. This is her grandad around the mid 40s. He looks like some sort of comms or radio operator. After the war he worked with planes. We don't have much info about him but that would maybe suggest the air force perhaps? I know it's not the best picture...
  5. J

    Please Help ME!?

    Hi signed up today to try and shed some light on my Grandfathers service in the Royal Navy during WW2. He was called Robert Hugh Pizey, the only info i have on him is a list of temporary sub-lieutenants (special branch) and things people that knew him have told me as he never liked to talk about...
  6. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Charterhouse - CCF Contingent Commander & Teacher of History

    A Teacher of History, (with some Government & Politics), is required at Charterhouse, with an enthusiasm for the subject and for teaching. The History Department is friendly, enthusiastic and well-resourced and you will take responsibility for a number of classes across the age- and...
  7. janner

    In Good Company by The Hon. William Fraser.

    A series of letters and diary entries written by the Honourable William Fraser on his experiences in the battles of Ypres during the first World War. By the end of the war he had attained the rank of Temp. Lieutenant Colonel, he had also been awarded the Military Cross, 3 awards of the...
  8. T

    History Of The Aircrew Branch

    Myself, and some other Aircrewman have been tasked with putting together a presentation on "the history of the Aircrewman branch" After many hours of searching, and a trip down to the FAA museum, we still have minimal information on the whole subject. Any help would be appreciated, whether...
  9. Seaweed

    Ships for All Nations

    This is the profusely illustrated, beautifully produced and very detailed story of John Brown & Company, Clydebank, once Britain’s flagship shipyard, that latterly produced such as SS Lusitania, HMS Hood, RMS Queen Mary, RMS Queen Elizabeth, and Britain’s last battleship HMS Vanguard and at the...