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  1. L


    I really need some help !! So my other half took out a forces help to buy loan a couple of years ago of 10k with his now ex partner they lived in the house 2 months before splitting up (she's a civvie) now I've searched everywhere and phoned up jpac and no one knows much about this scheme!! So...
  2. D

    Failed medical requiring advice

    Hi, as the title says I failed my medical for having heartburn before Christmas (before I continue I must explain that I DO NOT disagree with this). The reason being that I required medication from the GP for this heartburn. However the doctor explained to me in my medical that I would be able...
  3. S

    Medical board chances of being discharged after just having an op

    Basically the navy have taken 1 year to et me the surgery I need on my ankle (due to destroying ligaments whilst playing football for ship) and i finnaly have my op in January but I'm being referred to Medical board in February time. What's the chances of me staying becuase I have only been in 3...
  4. L

    Help to prove a chief wrong

    Hi everyone. I am in Ganges at the moment on a weeks holdover until I can learn my trade at sultan. And the chief has just challenged me to find out what a harry Gomez is and what a walbart machine are. He's a chef by trade so any help will be much appreciated.
  5. S

    How to attending boyfriends passing out ceremony

    My Boyfriend is due to pass out of Raleigh in early December However I'm worried that he won't be able to invite me over any of his family members as we haven't been going out that long and I don't want to put pressure on him to pick me over themSo my question is, is there a way I can attend...
  6. E

    Sultan Standing orders - alcohol - Phase 2 trainees

    hi,I'm having a bit of trouble on my computer trying to find sultan standing orders and I do not know where to look. I have tried to google it! It would be much appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction. As i have not got long to find this information!Thankyou
  7. Reyskywalker1994

    Sift 2016

    Anyone know when the sift is likely to take place this year? Passed pre entry exam and got told To wait for a sift interview if successful! Any idea when this will be?
  8. J

    Chances of becoming lightning II pilot?

    Hello i am 15 and considering becoming a fleet air arm pilot as a potential career. With the joint strike fighter coming into service in 2018, i was wondering whether the time period in which i join matters, or whether it is inconsequential
  9. J

    Pilot: How are you streamed into fast jet or rotary when going through training?

    Hey i'm looking to join the rn as an aircrew officer pilot but am wondering how your are selected to go into either stream and what role you would be assigned if streamed into rotary (e.g. ASW, marine drops)
  10. S

    Muscle imbalance medical help

    Hi guys/ girls. Completely new here and after any advice you can offer on my current situation. I'll try and briefly explain where I'm at.I started weight lifting for size about 18 months ago now. I was a completely new to it and at the time the advice and help I got at the gym was limited...
  11. Redderz

    Re-joining after MD

    Hey, I joined in early July 2014 and I was a part of the first Hanson Division lot.I was stonehoused on my 3rd week for damage to shins. I was in stonehouse for near enough 5 months but managed to get put back into divisions. I got to the end of week 9 in a new div and I had to leave for...