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  1. Notthatguy5

    Capita Repeated Blood Pressure Requests.

    Evening all. Newbie here so I apologise if this has come up already, but I had a bit of a browse and couldn't find any similar problems, so I thought I'd come to you all for some advice. Please bear with me, as this may be a long story.A little backstory: I have been in the application process...
  2. Heyo91

    Car Chargers

    Hi all,I'm looking at getting a Plug in hybrid for my next car and I was wondering how bases are with charging points in the car parks. I didn't see any whilst I was at Drake but I also wasn't looking for them.
  3. J

    Fitness/Hms Raleigh

    Hi guys, I’m new to this just wanted to say hi first of all. I’m awaiting my face to face medical and my fitness date. I’m cacking my pants thinking about the running side of phase 1, can anyone let me know what to expect? My running is okay I guess there’s always room for improvement, I’m just...
  4. C

    Can someone please help

    So basically I have managed to got myself confused with the phase 1 and phase 2 side of training I was told that phase 1 is at HMS Raleigh then phase 2 is at CollingwoodSo phase 1 is 10 weeksHow long is phase 2 and what will I learn?
  5. R

    Initial Contact - Application During COVID 19

    Hi All,First time posting, I have submitted an application for Aircrew - I meet all the requirements both physical and education that I can find online. I have been asked to contact the my AFCO for a talk to further my application. I was wondering had anyone else been through this recently...
  6. C

    Joining and psychometric test.

    hi guys. i have my psychometric test on the 20th march, im extremely nervous for it. my heart is set on the looking for tips on the whole joining process and the test itself. im really worried about the maths side so if anyone has any tips on that id be grateful. what should i...
  7. H

    AIB Prep - What are the keys to success?

    Hi all, I am due to attend my first AIB within the next two months and would appreciate if any current serving/recent AIB candidates could share their experiences and prep tips with me. I know there are many posts like this but I am hoping for some up to date information surrounding the AIB and...
  8. T

    Medical question

    Hi! Ive got my medical booked for late January and I have a small question someone might be able to answer. I was reading through the email and I saw that it was recommended that men can wear cycling shorts for the medical, I am female and was wondering if I could do the same? I don't see why...
  9. J

    Capita Triage Call and what best to do now?

    Hello, So I have had my Capita Triage call and they are contacting my GP for information regarding 'Low Mood' around Novmeber 2015. They have stated that if the incident is just November 2015 it is a straight pass however if the problem is a bit more extended e.g January, will this just be a...
  10. PaulieGualtieri

    Father in prison, will this affect my application?

    Hi guys,I'm 17 and in the middle of my application process (Passed psychometric test awaiting medical) but I can't help but worry about the selection interview, particularly the 'What does dad do?' question. Basically my dad is currently serving 9 years in prison for GBH, he's never been to...
  11. F

    Failed medical and Appeal.

    hi, I’m a 18 year old female who is looking to join the Navy as a Marine Engineering Technician. I’ve reached the stage of the triage nurse phone call, the start went brilliant although then went downhill.I had been open on past self harm on my medical forms although I had only done this once...
  12. C

    Joining as Deck Officer Cadet

    I've applied for the position of Deck Officer Cadet and have my Sift interview on the 14th of September. I'd greatly appreciate any advice on things to expect + any useful links to learn more of the RFA. I'd also appreciate anything about the AIB, which I will hopefully get to!
  13. L

    What's after the psychometric test?

    Hi all, I have just come home from the psychometric test at my nearest armed forces office. The test was fairly easy, and I was able to pass and gets score good enough for the role I wish to pursue.I know that the next step for on joining the Royal Navy is the interview. My question is, how...
  14. A

    What is the Flying Aptitude Test?

    From what I understand is it is a test which involves you flying a plane in a simulation while asked random questions like 42 - 13? Does it not test your physical ability, such as put you in 0 Gs? If not is there a test that requires you to fly the aircraft upside down or falling?
  15. J

    Please Help ME!?

    Hi signed up today to try and shed some light on my Grandfathers service in the Royal Navy during WW2. He was called Robert Hugh Pizey, the only info i have on him is a list of temporary sub-lieutenants (special branch) and things people that knew him have told me as he never liked to talk about...
  16. Deadeyethejedi

    Guidance on Criminal Records

    Hey guys, So some advice would go along way as you can guess by the title on the thread , yes I have a criminal record. To outline it simply and I was brought up in care from the age of 11 but don't need to go into that side of it, I started getting into quite a bit of trouble when I was 14 for...
  17. F

    Help choosing an alternative role

    So I applied to the Royal Navy at the start of the year with the hopes of becoming a mine clearance diver. I passed my aptitude test and interview stage and was told after my medical and pre-navy fitness test it could be 6-12 months before I could attend the final potential divers assessment. I...
  18. sj25105815

    Ex Army, joining Navy age 36, going comms tech! Got questions

    Hello All,I am looking for advice, and have certain queries to make and thought this might be the best place for it. It might be a bit long, but its probably not an average Navy application. First, some background:I am 36, ex army, left as a Corporal of Horse (Sergeant), JTAC qualified...
  19. F


    Hi!I'm new here, but just wanted a little advice on potential roles. I initially applied to be a Biomed student, and passed the RT for it, however the University declined my entry, so I'm stuck between choosing another role. I'm pretty interested in MT or CT, and passed for MT but not for CT...
  20. S

    Unsure of my eligibility

    Hi all, I'm really enthusiastic to join the royal navy as an undergraduate submarine engineer. I meet every other requirement, however, I read that I need:"160 UCAS points gained from Level 3 STEM qualifications (BTEC, A/A2/AS or equivalents) in an engineering discipline, or in maths and at...