1. B

    Realistic Food Expectations in the Royal Navy?

    Hi all, I'm hoping qualified Chefs or general Royal Navy personell might be able to provide me with some insight into something that is a concerning topic for me regarding joining the Royal Navy. :) In short, I've been interested in a career in the RN since childhood, as my father served as a...
  2. S

    Supplements During Pregnancy

    Hello, I am Sarabjot and I am pregnant. I want to know that can I take the health supplements during pregnancy. Infertility specialist prescribed me to take good diet which helps to give birth to the healthy baby. So, Give me suggestion for the above query.
  3. B

    Would this be graded S8 or S2? Navy medical (JSP950)

    Seen my GP last February after my dad passed away unexpectedly and was prescribed Sertraline as treatment and attendence of a weekly stress control program. I'd say my episode was mild not that severe as it wasn't impacting my abilities for more than a week prior to seeking treatment, once I...
  4. royal_dreams12

    Turning up to AFCO uninvited

    Hello all, My first post, so apologies if I haven't followed the correct etiquette for posting! Just wanted to know if it is possible to turn up to my local AFCO without having an appointment? On the RN website, it does say no appointment is needed for my AFCO, but I'm slightly skeptical of...
  5. J

    Help with Medical and thoughts

    Hello, I have recently completed the Psychometric Tests and I am now in the process of completing a medical questionnaire as well as preparing for the interview. I am going in as a rating hopefully but have noticed that the questionnaire talks about people diagnosed with low mood may be...
  6. S

    Question regarding potential lung problem

    Hi there, Firstly, I'm in the process of joining the Royal Navy as an officer, and have passed the medical couple weeks ago, and have my physical fitness test 2 weeks today. So basically I've have had a cough for an extended period of time, been to the doctors, had a 2 week period of peak flow...
  7. D

    Hernia Help

    I'm half way through my engineering degree but have a true desire to the Royal Navy. However I found out I have a hiatus hernia and was wondering if this would affect the joining process?