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    DGE Warfare Officer 2019 Application: My journey.

    I've seen others post about their journey through applications, and I thought that it might be helpful for others that are in my situation (and helpful for me to self reflect), if I shared my process too.A bit about me: I am a recent graduate (MA International Relations (East Asia), Durham)...
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    Hello all,I am looking for some support and advice regarding joining the Royal Navy.I'm currently studying for an MSc in Criminology and was only just made aware of the URNU when I searched the groups and societies page at my university. I was incredibly exciting to put myself out there and...
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    Considering Joining the Royal Navy post graduation

    Good evening all.I am in my final year of university and I'll graduating in 2017.I've considered joining since leaving school but decided to stay in education. During my first year of university, I considered leaving and joining as a rating however the careers adviser noted that if I...