flight aptitude test

  1. M

    Flight Aptitude Test advice - Aircrewman

    Hi all, I am soon to be taking my FATs for Aircrewman and I’ve read all the posts on here to death but thought I’d try and get some more recent info if anybody has experienced the dreaded FATs recently? Or is soon to! I’ve been brushing up on my SDT and mental arithmetic. Can anyone give me an...
  2. N

    Competitive FATs score

    Hi all, struggling to find a definitive answer to this, maybe someone could help.. What is a good score for pilot on the FATs. I have a score of 113 (pass being 112). Is this good enough for AIB and to get selected as a pilot (the RAF take people with much higher scores) or should I retake with...
  3. D

    FAT's score

    Hi folks, I've recently just sat my FAT's for the Royal Navy with the aim of Pilot but unfortunately just failed. My pilot score was 106 with the pass mark being 112. The question I have is how close was I to actually passing? Is 6 marks a million miles away or did I just fail by a whisker...
  4. effitilljointhenavy

    Aircrewman - FAT's still required?

    Hi all, When I began my application to join the Royal Navy as an Aircrewman back in April, the joining process instructions included the Flight Aptitude Test's (I believe they were to come after the PJFT). However, looking now on the Official Royal Navy website at the role description and...