1. C

    Please help. New recruit advice desperate parent!

    Good morning and thank you for allowing m to join. Please forgive me if I haven’t posted in the right place. My son signed up to join fleet and passed everything. His careers officer then asked him to change to sub saying it will get him in quicker. So being young and eager he said ok. He...
  2. N

    Weapons Engineer Technician advice

    Hi all, I am 17 and have just started my phase 1 training as a reservist and am waiting for a 10 week course at Raleigh and after I completed this I plan to transfer to the regulars as a WE. However, I am at college and doing the 10 weeker would result in me having to leave college and being in...
  3. Lumberjack


    With the fleet at a low point of 19 destroyers and frigates would it be a wise Idea for the Navy to start on smaller ship types such as corvettes and the ambassador mk3 missile boat to bolster the size. These ships offer good fire power with smaller crews.
  4. Seaweed

    Britain's Future Navy by Nick Childs (2014 edn)

    Nick Childs, a BBC journalist, here examines our place in the world and what this means in terms of our future maritime warfare requirements. This is a 2014 paperback revision of the 2012 original. It comes with a Foreword (and thus endorsement) by Admiral Sir Jock Slater. The book opens with a...