1. R

    Silm build in Royal Marines

    Hi, I'm hoping to apply to be a Royal Marine Officer after my gap year. I will be using this year, or potentially longer to prepare myself physically for the process. Compared to the average population I am very fit, I am a competing boxer, although I am in no way saying I am at a standard where...
  2. Bloejogs

    Fitness expectations at Raleigh (M, 28)

    Apologies if this is similar to a thread that already exists however, I’m male, 28 relatively fit and hitting 11 minutes +/- 10 seconds on my 2.4km run. I can confidently swim over 50 metres in different strokes BUT my circuit HIIT workouts need some improvement. I’m doing circuits of push ups...
  3. S

    AOP 2021 Guidance

    Hello - I am enrolled on the AOP 2021 - I was wondering if there was anyone who had done the AOP in the last few years that I can ask some questions? They are very basic and not based on the training pipeline or syllabus, more day to day living; What is a typical day? Start time/end time. 6am...
  4. J

    Fitness/Hms Raleigh

    Hi guys, I’m new to this just wanted to say hi first of all. I’m awaiting my face to face medical and my fitness date. I’m cacking my pants thinking about the running side of phase 1, can anyone let me know what to expect? My running is okay I guess there’s always room for improvement, I’m just...
  5. D


  6. A

    Excess Weight - COVID challenges and a failed medical

    I'm after some advice regarding weight and the medical side of things. I did my medical for the Royal Navy Reserves back in March 2020 and unfortunately did not pass as I was fractionally over the BMI range for my height/weight ratio. Shortly after, everything kicked off with COVID and whilst I...
  7. N

    HMS Raleigh...

    Hi guys, I go to Raleigh in just under two weeks, and my fitness isn't up to scratch. I actually failed my 2.4K run in my PRNC by 24 seconds and that was to be done in 14 minutes 29 seconds. The quickest I had done it before that week was 17 minutes 27 seconds so I did it much faster when I was...
  8. B

    Worried about Fitness for PRNC

    Hi all, just passed my PJFT by the skin of my teeth (12 minutes 8 seconds) worried that my fitness isn't high enough for PRNC and of course i want to improve this. Any ideas?
  9. M

    How to gain weight to reach 60kg

    Does anyone have any advice to reach the minimum weight requirement of 60kg? I weight 57kg now and maybe 58/59 on a good day but I know I'll need to reach 60. I'm not worried about my bmi becoming too high after the weight gain it is 21 currently. But it is easier for me to lose weight than gain...
  10. R

    Will I actually get a place at HMS Raleigh?

    Hi, New to this forum and have a question regarding the joining process. I've passed all the recruitment tests and been given a start date for my basic training and a date for my Pre Royal Navy Course. Assuming I pass the PRNC am I guaranteed to start basic training on the start date given to...
  11. ws1602

    Joining the RN

    Hello, So I've been trying to join the Navy since the age of 15 but initially couldn't because I was underweight. I had passed the psychometric test and interview but need to put the weight on, I then went for another medical passed on weight but failed due to the Dr wanting a 6 month record...
  12. P

    Physical Training

    Hi all, I'm CO of a SCC unit with a lot of interest in PT, I have some qualified cadets but they have questions about the drill etc. Is there such a thing as a PT manual? Either by the SCC or the RN? That we can just use for reference? Anthony
  13. T

    Work outs.

    Anyone have any decent work outs other than just sit up, push ups and running?
  14. Walter_white

    I start HMS RALEIGH 27th Nov

    I start HMS Raleigh on the 27th November and haven't started training. I am reasonably fit but haven't done much in the last 2 months. I need to get into gear but I need some form of motivation. Can anyone give me some tips for getting ready for Raleigh.
  15. S

    Muscle imbalance medical help

    Hi guys/ girls. Completely new here and after any advice you can offer on my current situation. I'll try and briefly explain where I'm at. I started weight lifting for size about 18 months ago now. I was a completely new to it and at the time the advice and help I got at the gym was limited...
  16. S

    Taking Suppliments?

    Hi all, In training to start my career as a MCD, Fitness test getting booked in a couple weeks once I complete my house move, just a quick question; Whats the rules on suppliments? I currently take a Mass Gainer 1400Cal per shake 52G protein 36gCarbs, fills me right up, that plus large meal...
  17. S

    Just completed medical - Waiting on fitness test - Improving Fitness

    Hi All, I completed my Diver medical yesterday and am now waiting for my fitness test date Any tips on ways to get my time down on 1.5mile. I last ran it in 10:48 still above that 10:30 mark needed Cheers CG