fitness test

  1. Negative_Ghostrider12

    Actual PJFT pass times?

    I understand this topic has been discussed to within an inch of it's life (and beyond) but despite trawling through the various threads about PJFT, I cannot find a definitive answer to the pass time relating to the 2.4km run you do at a Nuffield health centre on a treadmill. The RN website says...
  2. themuddyduck

    Recruitment Timelines

    I haven't seen any recent recruitment timelines on here (Probably looking at the wrong places lol). Anyways, here's a new thread and I'm proper nosy. I want to know what your timeline is like beginning from the time you made your online application. Here's mine so far; Made and Sent Online...
  3. B


    Good evening, I am currently in the process of joining the navy and I have my medical on the 8th I was just wondering if anybody knew how long after your medical your fitness test is please?
  4. C

    PJFT Info

    I did mine on Saturday, and thought I'd share some info: You have to use the 'quick start' function for some reason, and then basically hold your finger on the speed up arrow. My treadmill wasn't exactly great, so be warned that it takes quite some time to get up to your required speed. I lost...