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family history

  1. G

    Family medical history

    How much does this affect my application? My dad's is on anti depressants and my brother's in therapy. I'm fine, no history of any metal issues or anything. But I'm kinda nervous, I don't want to get binned over my family's issues.
  2. T

    Researching Richie/Rick Trense

    Hello everyone. I'm researching my father-in-law's military service for my wife and struggling to find out much definite information. We know he joined the Royal Navy in the summer of 1949 instead of matriculating from grammar school (anything to get out of school, right? :) ), and we have a...
  3. Seaweed

    The Glovemaker's Son by Nick Carter

    Piecing together the career of a junior naval officer during the Napoleonic Wars is no easy thing and years of effort by Carter have certainly paid off in this case. This is backed up by three generations of general family information and again it requires hard work to put together a picture...