1. Wreckmasterjay

    HMS Fearless and the sinking of Foxtrot 4

    I am writing a book on the loss of the landing craft Foxtrot 4 during the Falklands conflict, F4 being one of four LCU's on HMS Fearless. She was making her way in Choisel Sound on 8th June 1982 when she was hit by bombs from Argentine aircraft. There were 8 crew and 9 army on board, six of the...
  2. HistoryBoy

    AB David McCann, HMS Glamorgan died August 1982 (Post Falklands)

    Hi All, Does anyone know anything about David McCann? He served aboard HMS Glamorgan as an AB(R) and does not appear on many of the memorials or in Rolls of Honour. He died on 19 August 1982, about two months after the Argentine surrender. Not sure whether he died of his wounds or in a...
  3. HistoryBoy


    Hi All, First post here and so hopefully I'm posting in the right place and have conducted sufficient searches not to be duplicating anything. Does anyone know what the (N) stands for in WEM(N)1 - ie. Weapons Engineering Mechanic? I have not come across (N) before although I have seen: (M)...