falklands war

  1. Ray S

    Falkland heroes: Royal Navy's harrowing shipwreck dive prevented NATO disaster.

    Dive 003 authored by Sunday Express Journalist Callum Hoare and former Royal Navy Clearance Diver, now Journalist Ray Sinclair. https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/1623612/falklands-war-royal-navy-shipwreck-dice-hms-coventry-operation-blackleg
  2. F

    Author Paul Cardin discusses the Falklands campaign

    On New Brighton Radio with Justin Hopper. Which Navy was the biggest threat down there? Us or them?
  3. dapperdunn

    The Falklands War: There and Back Again

    I was quite excited when there and back again dropped on my doorstep, my first assignment and a book about the Falklands conflict. The main premise of the book is to put the record straight with regard to the Argentinian invasion of the Falkland Islands. The press at the time of the invasion...
  4. BRP

    Writing a novel about the Falklands War...

    I'm an author from the states and have started the research stage of an upcoming novel that I will be writing about the Falklands War. I am married to a Naval Officer (Lt. Cdr.), and my wife and I are flying to England in March to conduct on-location research for the novel and hopefully meet...
  5. Ageing_Gracefully

    The Falklands War in Poetry: My Journey

    Thomas was a Royal Marine who went South to the Falklands in April 1982, he was an anti aircraft gunner. Like many of his comrades who came back he wrote about his experiences during and after the conflict and, also like many of his comrades he suffered from PTSD, or as it was known at the time...