1. R

    Aircrew Officer Pilot

    Just looking for up to date information on the role if possible whilst waiting to speak to my AFCO. Have applied as mine clearance diver however have decided I would prefer to join the FAA instead as an Aircrew officer pilot. I have looked at many previous threads however a lot date back to 2017...
  2. D

    Transfer from Observer to Pilot?

    After trawling through threads there seems to be little on role transfers within the navy, and I wanted to know how possible this is? I applied to the RN for pilot and despite passing the aptitude test, was recently offered a space at BRNC for Observer which I have accepted. I wanted to see if...
  3. O

    How bad is the Aircrew Pilot/Observer Qualification pipeline?

    I'm currently getting fit/studying up to apply to the RN and I have family and friends currently in the navy, all having passed out of Dartmouth last year. What I have been hearing, however, is that pipeline for Pilot and Observer is pretty jam-packed and can take up to multi-year for...
  4. M

    Direct entry Aircrewman

    Hi, I am booked in for my FATs in a couple of months and have a question! I understand Aircrew (pilot/obs) must pass AIB and I keep hearing about Aircrew ‘selection’ based on their AIB score and how competitive their FATs score. My question, as I am applying as Aircrewman, not Aircrew, and I...
  5. C

    Aircraft Controller FAA and such

    Hi all! I’ve applied to be an aircraft controller, passed my exam and I’m waiting for an interview... I’ve always had an interest in aviation but didn’t want to go into the RAF Much prefer to be at sea than sat in Cyprus... just wanted to see how the role progresses, I can’t see me being put...
  6. Z


    Evening gents, Firstly hello, thanks for having me. So briefly I left the army 18 months ago (yes, crayons taste nice) after 7 years, I wanted to transfer service to the RN but my boss said that getting out and in again would be quicker...he lied.... And finally getting round to getting into...
  7. baldie

    Observer Training pipeline?

    I am hopefully going to have a AIB in the near future for the role of Observer, does anyone have a copy of the training pipeline that is up to date (I only have one from 2015) Thanks in advance!
  8. baldie

    Royal Navy Reserves whilst applying to be Officer?

    I am currently in the application process to be an Aircrew Officer. I have my FATS very soon and if all goes to plan my AIB after that. However, I was informed by my ACLO that the selection board for Aircrew is at the start of Febuary for the May intake. As I will most likely be trying for...
  9. B

    Aircrew Roles and Asthma

    I've been told that I'm barred from RAF Aircrew Roles (ie. WSOP) due to having minor asthma as a child which I have long grown out of and have been going on without symptoms and medication for years. I was wondering whether this also applies for aircrew roles in the Fleet Air Arm? Many thanks to...
  10. Mark Dip

    FAA Warfare ASW Aircrewman Q and A.

    If you have any questions on the ASW Aircrewman branch please post them here. I can't guarantee that we will be able to answer all questions but we'll certainly attempt to. Please use all the usual resources available first, but we appreciate not all the answers are out there on...
  11. N


    Any wafus still actively on here, what's it like actually qualifying as a lad? I'm a part 4 at the moment and I know it "gets better" but does it?
  12. F

    RN Sixth Form Scholarship - My experience and FAQs

    As someone who's been awarded one of the Scholarship awards for this year, I thought it'd be a good idea to give an overview of the award and what the application process entails. I know from my own experiences and chatting to others that information on the award is scarce and it may be helpful...
  13. M

    Pilot 6th Form Scholarship

    hi all, first post here so please bear with! I'm off to the careers office this week to ask about the 6th form scholarships the navy has to offer. what i wanted to ask you all is this - how many scholarships are on offer each year? whats the selection process for getting accepted? are you...
  14. ToonPatriot

    Which Roles for These Ranks?!?

    Basically, I am wondering what specific roles, officers have at certain ranks? Specifically a Pilot at Lt., L/Cdr. and Cdr. (Such as a flight commander possibly. An AEO at the ranks listed above And although it is not FAA so probably the wrong forum, A logistics officer. :) Cheers guys!