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    Contact lenses requirments

    I am due for Raleigh soon and was wondering is there a contact lenses requirement my glasses are under 6:00 diplomats wondering if the 6:00 diplomats applies to contact lenses My contact lenses are 6:00 and 6:50 Will this impact my naval career
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    Eyesight requirements - mine warefare specialist

    Hi I am wondering what the eyesight requirements are for a Mine Warefare Specialist as I do wear glasses but am afraid I’m not going to get in because of that reason since my eyesight is decent but not the best.
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    Just applied however really worried about my eyesight being +7 on right and +8 on left, my eyes couldn’t be worse to be honest. Havnt had them checked in about a year but doubt they will change for the better. I know it says minimum -6 or +6 but I don’t know if this is true and if they may...
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    Eyesight after acceptance

    Hi all, I have a place at Dartmouth in the coming months as a pilot, I have passsed everything and am absolutely over the moon about it. However in my eye tests I passed the required standards by the skin of my teeth. I am now slightly worried that a year or two into my training I will be...
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    Royal Navy Aircrew Eyesight

    Hi Everyone I am in the process of applying for the Royal Navy as a pilot This is my eyesight Distance unaided: Right 6/7.5 Left 6/6 Distance aided 6/3 in both Colour perception perfect/ CP1 I do not wear glasses as with both my eyes together I see 6/6 and have no problem reading anything. Can...