eye test

  1. J

    Eye Test results in hard copy?

    Hi Guys, Hope you are all well. Apologies if this seems like a silly question but I am a little confused! I recently completed my eye test at Boots as requested, did the test ( no issues) presented the voucher code given. They gave me a hard copy of the results in what looks basically like a...
  2. R

    Failed eye test for rn

    Good afternoon first time posting! I failed my eye test for the Royal navy. I was looking at RFA for a second opportunity. However, I don't know if failing the eye test for the rn means I'd fail it for the auxiliary too? Really want a nautical career and running out of options! Any advice would...
  3. ws1602

    2018 Application - Step by Step

    Hello, so I have recently started my application for Warfare Specialist in the Navy. I thought that I would try, to my best ability, and document each step and give as much advice as possible. I know that there is advice out there for individual sections but I plan to compile all onto this one...